Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Birthday Birthday Birthday

Firstly, my actual birthday is on January 2nd.
And I celebrate with my friends 1 month earlier since my birthday always remind me of school reopen. I HATE that.
Went to the playground nearby and found out my camera memory card error.
My sis gimmie the DSLR memory card instead of digital camera memory card.
So... no photos.
I bought a mascara in Guardian with RM19.90 only and its actual price is RM31.90. =D
I booked 12 New Moon ticket and the movie is boring -.-zzz
The worst thing is there was an awful foot odour, made me dizzy that i could just fainted there!!
Went to Breeks Cafe for dinner. Ate fish and chips, as usual.
Later on, went shopping for my Birthday present. Bought nothing.
So a decision is made. I can buy my present after and they give me 'Ang Pao' red packet LOL
We are like old lady Hahaha
I went to Elianto and The Face Shop with Phooi Fun and Xin Yi too.
PF tried lots of different colour nail polishes. Turned her nails into colourful finger nails.
My sis came with her friends, met Yang and Jon.
My sis bought me a nail polish from The Face Shop, only RM3.90! save 2 ringgit.
New moon posters. Lots of the posters are fan made out there and I am not sure it is original or fan made. Confusing here O_O
Not sure it is original or fan made


definitely fan made.
Found this LOL
photoshoped from her GAP photo shot
So real

This 2 posters are fan made too.

Went to Queensbay with mum and dad because of Converse, Lee Cooper & Everlast Warehouse Clearance Sale from 4 Dec 2009 - 20 Dec 2009 at Queensbay Mall discounts up to 70%!
its at the corner, 1F-07 Queensbay Mall (Beside Maybank)
I went on the first night, lots of item already sold out!!!
Crowded in there, can barely breathe LOL
Guess what. I bought a pair of shoe and a hand bag!!
The shoe is only RM89 and the bag is only RM59!!!
Sooooooooo cheap! LOVE it. Both grey, what a match! Haha
And I searched all over the place for the Converse shoe I seen in the Converse store last time but no sign of it. the shoe is white with red star.
Either it is not for the sale or it is sold out.
I don't see my red Converse shoe too =/
And and... this is the last pair of shoe for my size.
The grey bag is the only one left too. There are blue and orange too. Orange sold out and blue... not nice. Been through lots of situation to get the grey bag.
Both of em are the last one, should I considered myself lucky? LOL

♥ Lynn

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