Friday, December 18, 2009

This is the stupidest but the cutest thing that Key has ever done!

f(x) and SHINee attended the opening ceremony of SM Entertainment's music experience store, 'Everysing'.
And Key made a big and cute mistake.
He signed the table instead of the frame! LOL
This is the process:

Key>"What is Tae Min looking at?"
Tae Min>"What is Key doing?"

"Something seems wrong... Just take a look at Tae Min's"

"Oops, sign on the frame!"

"OMG, hope nobody notice it."

"Just sit down and act innocent" haha so cute
I think Tae Min must have told Onew LOL

"Har??? What the hell is this?"

"Ahahaha, Key oppa signed on the table! Haha"

I am wondering.... Is SM going to sell this table?
This table worth a lot a lot of $
A table is nothing but a table with Key signature on it!!!
The table could sold out in a second and at least triple price of the table or lots more than that!
Silly Key Haha

Found this video. Key was film in this video, signed on the table. Just cant stop laughing.
Btw,dun just pay attention on Key, look at Jong Hyun cuteness and his adorable actions too Haha. ^^ ♥♥

And... a picture of Jong Hyun.
I just cant resist it.
Must at least post a pic of Jong Hyun right? ^^
Smile sweety~~

♥ Lynn

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