Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I LOVE THIS. A Decision I Love So Much.

We had a girl guides meeting yesterday.
'we' means Inn Joe, Shuang Er, Pei Er and me. Four of us.
We discussed about this year Training Camp.
Guess what?!!
Everyone agreed the theme I suggested.
I have been suggesting this theme for a long time and finally it had been confirmed!!
Whoo~~~ I still haven't mention the theme yet, did I?
Well, it is about the OLYMPIANS !!! And something like a War Of the Olympians.
Love my idea ♥
Oh Yeah! My favourite! Got this idea from Percy Jackson & The Olympians. My favourite book. Love the whole series!
When I first told them, they was like 'huh, what it is?' and 'Oh, Olympics' -.-" After I explained exactly what it is, they finally understood..I think. Maybe they understood half of it or just a little.
However, I know every god and what kind of god they are. Thanks to Percy Jackson & The Olympians. =D
There are 12 gods in the Olympians so there are going to be 12 groups.
Not going to explain it. If not this is going to be a really long post and talk about the Olympians all the way.
Cool!! Just so excited about it. Olympians!!
Trust me, everyone well know about it soon!
The books-Percy Jackson & The Olympians are so popular and there is going to be a movie of it in the February.
Everyone definitely will watch the movie and of course it is going to be famous.
I am so happy about it. Plus, our school Training Camp this year is something about the OLYMPIANS!!

♥ Lynn