Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Updates

I had a stomach ache and it hurt so badly.
My face was pale and my lips turned white.
I did not take a look at the mirror or something, my friends told me that.
I was kinda shivering and sweating.
Not feeling well.
Pey Shan told the teacher. You know what the teacher did??
She ask a girl to buy me a hot milo.
It was really odd with a glass of milo on your table and it was very milky.
Drank a little.. it is too milky *yuck*, feels like... umm... no idea how to describe it.
That teacher really did surprise me. It was so touching -.-"
I can't stand that my stomach hurt so badly and decided to go home.
Went home and slept -.-ZZZ
Woke up... watched 'Meet Joe Black' with my sister.
Brad Pitt!!! Nice movie
Continue updates tomorrow.

♥ Lynn