Saturday, January 9, 2010


I HATE school!!
Yayyy!!! Now I am in the morning session and so..I can watch Music Bank live every Friday on KBS World at 5.30 or 5.45 ^^

100108 Music Bank
T-ara won first on yesterday Music Bank with Bo Peep Bo Peep.
SHINee is so cute when their backstage interview ^^
4minute’s HyunA ft. BEAST's Jun Hyung "Change" on Music Bank too!!

SHINee's Key and IU- Love Letter For You

Key is so sweet~~

SHINee- JoJo

♥ JongHyun

Younha - Broke Up Today

Younha is back on Music Bank even though she is not in a good condition.
Aw... She still looks so ill. Her throat is in a bad condition.
Since she is still still ill, she lip synced and if u pay attention, u can see her apologizing at the end of the song. She said "joesonghabnida" (sorry)
No need to be sorry, we love u and we understand!! =]
But seriously, I cant see the difference. She always sang so well.

Some nice songs here
4minute’s HyunA ft. BEAST's Jun Hyung- Change MV

Song..not bad =D
Nothing to say about HyunA and Jun Hyung.
I am neither a fan of 4minute nor BEAST.

Brian Joo- My Girl ft. Supreme Team

Brian Joo!! haha. Usually, he gives me an impression of a gag person.
He is just so different in this Music Video.

2PM - Tired Of Waiting @ Inkigayo 100103

Love the front part of the song.
Love Nickhun but I dun like him with black eyeliner.
I like his cuteness and not coolness.
But this is 2PM. =/


My sis bought this for me in Genting <3

Went to QB with mun and sis  on Thursday night 100107 for Baskin-Robbins

My sis's

This is mine =D

♥ Lynn