Sunday, January 3, 2010

School Reopen Tomorrow T_T

For heaven sake! Can you believe that we are heading back to school tomorrow!!??
Sob... T_T
In the morning session this year.
I really don't wanna go to school for crying out loud!!
I don't have a good feeling for school. I hate school! Who don't?
Wish me luck in school *Sour smile*

There are few songs that stuck in my head. =/
Bo Peep Bo Peep- T-ara (Keep on Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Oh and remind me of Nickhun dancing Bo Peep Bo Peep just so cute)
Wedding Dress- TaeYang (because it is a NICE song~~ This song never fails to make me feels better =] It already made 2nd most-play in my ipod )

♥ Lynn