Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so cute together. haha

Cant wait to watch Family Outing Season 2



HONGGI! I miss him.

credit: primanoona.com

♥ Lynn

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art Homework

My art homework for school.
Drew it from a book that teacher gave us.
We can choose any picture from the book to draw, most of them draw a bird.
I saw a lot of funny faces birds drawing.
The funniest bird goes to S.E and the best bird goes to FPS.
Obviously, u won't be able to guess who is S.E. =D
Spent a lot of time to draw this, wasted my time -.-

♥ Lynn

100217 Hello Baby (Nicholas)

He is adorable =]
I don't have time to entertain him. 
I got to finish my art homework.
My sister played with him.
 The picture he took =D
Little SpongeBob

♥ Lynn

Friday, February 19, 2010

100218 Ke Yin's BBQ Party

Ke Yin's House.
Had a lot of fun that day!
Crazy night!!
Took a lot of photo.
And only a picture of me -.-"
The photographer has the least photo. =[
Busy snapping others pics. LOL

BFF ^^

Min Yi.. hiding?

She said she is "pai seh eh"

Min Yi's hands ==

Poor thing =[
Lost an eye
Ke Yin is so pretty =D
Thumbs up for this photo!!
Last but not least- ME 

♥ Lynn