Friday, February 19, 2010

Musci Bank 100219 & Big Bang Lollipop 2 CF

SNSD- Oh! @ Music Bank 100219

Oh! because Seohyun tripped!
I was watching Music Bank live on TV just now and I am kinda happy when I saw this.
No offence but I don't really like Seohyun when I knew that she and Jung Yong Hwa will be on MBC's “We Got Married” as a new couple!!
Argh! I don't like it T_T
I am not the only one who don't like this.
Netizens hate it too! I will watch it anyway since I am big fan of “We Got Married”.
Maybe the paring isn't that bad. =/
Hwaiting, Jung Yong Hwa!! =D

SNSD Won Music Bank's K-Chart Again

Focus at Yuri on 2:19
She use the trophy to sing instead of her mike. LOL

C.N Blue- I'm A Loner @ Music Bank 100219

Jung Yong Hwa!! Woot~~

Special Stage For haiti- You Raise Me Up @ Music Bank 100219

Jokwon, Kim Jong Kook, Taeyeon, Jang Hee Young, Min Kyung Hoon, Jung Yonghwa and Jessica.
Jung Yong Hwa rocks the stage, his voice is amazing especially at the back of the song. ♥♥♥

Big Bang Lollipop 2 CF (30sec)

Wow! Seung Ri is gorgeous!

Big Bang Lollipop 2 Song

♥ Lynn