Saturday, February 13, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Movie

*sigh* I totally humiliated myself in school yesterday T_T
What a depressing day =[
Went to watch Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief with sister yeaterday night.
Disappointed with the movie. The movie has so many huge changes!
Spoilers. Do not read if you haven't watch.

I don't like the changes. It made the movie kinda odd.
Dionysus did not appeared! And Ares is an important role and he did not appear too!
Hades is after the Helm Of Darkness.
They did not search for the pearls, but the whole movie is like searching for it.

What about the prophecy? And the oracle? This is very important and never appear in the movie.
So any difference
Here is the difference of the book and the movie.

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Book Movie
Annabeth has blonde hair. Annabeth has brown hair.
Grover is Caucasian. Grover is African-American.
Grover has brown hair. Grover has black hair.
Luke had longish, sandy hair. Luke has short, spiked, dirty-blonde hair.
Clarisse is the camp bully at Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse doesn't appear in the film.
The original age of the campers was 12. Their ages have been changed to age 16.
Percy fights with Echidna and the Chimera atop the St. Louis Arch. The monster is replaced with a Hydra. The movie's Hydra expels fire, not acid.
Tyson gives Percy his shield wristwatch in the second book, The Sea of Monsters. Percy already has a shield wristwatch that is given to him by Luke.
Persephone is supposed to be with her mother, Demeter. Persephone is shown with Hades.
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth take a taxi from the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Grover (the driver) busts through the hotel doors with a Maserati.
Chiron is a white stallion (male horse). Chiron is a clydesdale.
Ares has a main role in the book. Ares doesn't speak and does not have any impact.
Silena Beauregard has black hair and only appears after The Sea of Monsters. Silena has blonde hair and the role has been cast for The Lightning Thief although we never actually see her.
Riptide is a celestial bronze sword and appears to mortals as a cap pen. Riptide is made of steel and appears as a click pen.
The Great Prophecy happens the age of 16. The prophecy is never mentioned.
Percy and Annabeth are trying to be friends and work together. Percy seems quite attracted to Annabeth. (even though this is a crucial part to the series, it isn't too noticeable in the books)
Medusa is fought by looking at her through a glass orb. Medusa is seen through an iPod Touch.
Percy doesn't own any type of electronic device, because they attract monsters. Percy has an iPod Touch.
Grover has no electronic device. Grover has a an iPhone.
Percy's Trident Sign is like a hologram. Percy isn't claimed in the film everyone knows that he is the son of Poseiden from the offset.
Percy and Annabeth kiss in The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. A scene shows them leaning in as if to kiss, but then Annabeth takes his sword and holds it to his neck telling him to, "Never let his opponent distract him."
Grover walks with a limp, but runs "like the wind" when using mortal outfits. Grover walks with crutches in the movie.
Percy discovers the betrayal of Luke at Camp Half-Blood. Percy finds out Luke's betrayal on top of the Empire states building.
Annabeth is a good strategist and fights using a celestial bronze knife. Annabeth is a good warrior and strategist, and fights using swords, bows and crossbows.
Annabeth meets Percy while helping him after his fight with the [[Minotaur ]and while showing him around the camp. Annabeth meets Percy while fighting and defeating him.
Medusa is an old woman, with chocolate-colored skin. Medusa is portrayed by Uma Thurman, so, she's a young woman, and is Caucasian.
The campers wear orange t-shirts with 'Camp Half-Blood' written on them. Campers wear Greek armor.
The only gods that appear in the first book are Dionysus, Ares, Hades, Zeus and Poseidon. Hera, Demeter, Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hephaestus, and Persephone also appear in the film.
Grover has no girlfriend in the first book. Juniper only is mentioned in The Battle of the Labyrinth. The role of Juniper, Grover's girlfriend, has been cast for the movie although we never see her.
Percy shows signs of being the son of Poseidon by causing the water in a water fountain to well up and "attack" Nancy Bobofit. One of signs that Percy is the son of Poseidon is his ability to hold his breath for a long time underwater.
Percy has barely any control over his powers. Percy can manipulate his powers the way he can in The Battle of the Labyrinth.
The gods wear normal clothes. Zeus and all the gods, save for Persephone and Hades, wear greek armor.
The key to the elevator that leads to Olympus is a card. The key to the elevator that leads to Olympus is a key. (Although in the full length movie there is no key.)
Percy and Annabeth don't get into a swimming pool. In one scene, Percy is seen holding Annabeth by the arm, pulls it in the water, and then heals a bruise.
Percy never wears the flying shoes that Luke gives him. Percy is seen with the flying shoes about to fly into Athena's Parthon, and when he's trying to get the Lightning Bolt away from Luke.
Medusa wears a black veil to cover her eyes. Medusa wears black sunglasses to cover her eyes.
Luke never fights Percy with the Master Bolt. Luke has the master bolt and fires at Percy with it and vice versa.
Hades wears black, silky robes. Hades wears goth-like clothes.
Annabeth is taller than Percy. Percy and Annabeth are about the same height.
Tridents are not mentioned in the books. Percy can make a trident from water.
Medusa's head is sent of to Olympus once Percy takes out the head. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth use Medusa's head to turn the hydra into stone.
Percy goes to Olympus alone. Percy, and Annabeth go to the throne of the gods, while Sally is left in the elevator.
Athena speaks with an American accent. Athena speaks with a British accent
Hades is cold, and unfriendly. Hades is made to appear somewhat funny.
Hades dislikes the Olympians, but doesn't make an obvious attempt to over throw them. Hades wants to use the bolt to become King of the gods.
Kronos is heard speaking throughout the story and is mentioned as Luke's boss Kronos is never heard or mentioned and the plan to overthrow the Olympians is Luke's in an attempt to make a new race of Gods.
Percy has a fight with Ares in LA. Percy has a fight with Luke in New York.
Hellhounds are large demonic dogs. Hellhounds are small rodent-dog hybrid creatures.
Sally is left behind in the Underworld and then released by Hades. Grover is left behind in the Underworld with Persephone and unconscious Hades.
Mr. D is in charge of Camp Half-Blood. Mr. D is never seen at Camp Half-Blood.
Sally turns Gabe into stone using Medusa's head Sally kicks Gabe out and then Percy accidentally get's Gabe turned into stone.
The gods are 30 feet tall while in Olympus The gods are giants over a hundred feet tall while in Olympus
The gods each have their own customized throne. The gods' thrones are all the same.
The Oracle gives out Prophecies and quests. The Oracle never appears.
Argus is the many eyed security guard. Argus never appears in the film
The cabins at Camp Half-blood are buildings in a U formation and are made to suit the god to which it belongs. The cabins are tents which are spread throughout the forest.
Luke injures Percy and leaves for Kronos' army. Percy beats Luke and hurls him into the sea.
Thalia's Pine Tree and story is told. Thalia is never mentioned and her pine tree is never shown.
The big house is a main place. The big house is never shown or mentioned.
Grover is shy and very clumsy. Grover is outgoing, funny, and loves women.
Yancy Academy is a private school. Yancy Academy is a public school.
Mrs. Dodds is a pre-algebra teacher. Mrs. Dodds is a substitute teacher in English.
Percy is at Camp Half-Blood for a week before his quest. The same day Percy gets to camp he sneaks out for his quest.
The pact of the Big Three is a main focus. The pact of the Big Three is never mentioned.
There is no law regarding wether or not gods can see their children. Zeus placed a law on all the the gods saying they can not have contact with there children.
Luke is given his flying shoes for his quest from his father. Luke steals the shoes from his father's house.
There is no technology whatsoever at Camp Half-Blood. Luke's tent is decked out in two 60 in HD TV's, a couple of game systems, and an Apple computer.
Poseidon left before Percy was born. Poseidon left when Percy was 7 months old because Poseidon was becoming to "human".
Medusa's head is sent to Olympus. Medusa's head is kept in Grover's hoodie, used to slay the hydra, and then accidentally turned Gabe into stone.
The Minotaur has Fruit of the Loom underwear. The Minotaur has no clothing.

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