Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I LOVE this shoe!!
Nike Womens Air Force 1 High Black Pink
Really nice, isn't it?

Queensbay is in a Chinese New Year mood =D
Poster of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief in BORDERS!!
Yeah!! So cool~~ Can't wait. One more week to go.
I am not sure whether I can watch it on the first day.
Because I am going for house practice in the afternoon and tuition at night.
I can choose not to go for the house practice but my sister is in school.
Stupid tuition! Ruin everything =[ 
I am either watching it at midnight or in the afternoon next day.
So if I am going on the second day. I wanna ask my friends to watch with me.
Anyone interested?
I briefly explained it to some of my friends and after some of them watch the trailer. Of course, they love it!
Greek mythology rocks!

I have a lot of question. Isn't Annabeth suppose to have BLOND HAIR and GREY EYES?
She does not have neither blond hair or grey eyes in the movie.
I do not like her in the movie. She got a little baby fat and does not suit the character of Annabeth.
Someone like Emma Watson should take this role. Pretty and smart.
They can dye her hair and wears contact lens.
I know movie is movie, book is book. This is just my opinion.
And why not someone like Lucas Till play the role Luke.
Luke is described as handsome and has blond hair & blue eyes.
At least Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) is good looking =D
Haha Son of Poseidon.
Well, my favourite god is Apollo.
He is so cool! =]

♥ Lynn


  1. woouw I love these shoes !
    I want it ><