Thursday, March 25, 2010


Alice in Wonderland in MidValley.
and heard that Super Junior went shopping at Pavillion. ARGH.
Sushi Zen
Alexis at The Gardens.
delicious cakes *thumbs up*
Went to the airport after that. raining heavily, flight delayed for an hour.
We sat there from 4.30pm to 6.00pm.==
Boring.. Keep ourself occupied with lame stuff haha
And took a lot of videos too.
Domokun hand bag!
Promoting PSP =D
My uncle was an air steward for 20 years. he told us stories about 2 bomb threats he had encounter and a lot of funny stories with his crew.
Lovely clouds
Back in Penang, went to Fisherman Grill for dinner with parents.

Back then, some videos we took at the departure hall.
we are bored... so...
Me with SNSD-Oh! we couldn't sing in public.
Hesitating whether to upload this here.
Smiling game. the person who smile first lose.
Blinking Game I
Blinking Game II

that's all =]

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

KL (Suju) ♥

our plane.
on the plane.
Reached KL. Uncle brought us to eat at Papparich.
This is my sis's food
Lovely bed ~~
Time to sleep
Next day,
Saturday morning.
Sister and I walked to Tropicana City Mall.
Coincidentally, Fahrenheit was having a fan meeting and promoting canon ixus.
My cousin, Yvonne loves them and so we waited for them to come. Not much people there.
Too bad we are not a fan of them. Not much excitement.

We are standing at the front, so close.
Sushi Tei!
Special Unagi Roll
We went to 1Utama after that.
very delicious =D
Looking st the fishy
Pearl sapphire blue!!

Lee Teuk cried during Shining Star. touching T_T
fans on their white lights during this song.

Kyuhyun used a fan's handphone to selca!!
OMG!! <3

EunHae = Best couple
35 songs, 3 hours.
Lol, really cute.
When we were queuing outside, some 4minute fans or idk who were distributing 4minute tissue paper -.-zzz, promoting them??
Anyway, everything is awesome! Super ShowII!!
Henry rocks!! so cute, his dancing and violin playing is magnificent!!
Kyuhyun Mandarin pronunciation is great, improved so much
They sang teletubby too, a fan threw A walking Po on the stage and they start singing " teletubby  teletubby"
Lee teuk always looks like an angel, no matter what he do. =]

♥ Lynn