Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1003016 Gurney

Went to Gurney.
Ate in Kim Gary for lunch
And I swear I never ever going to eat in Kim Gary again.
Watched Alice In The Wonderland with friends.
Well.. not as great as I expected.
The Red Queen gave me goosebumps. Her super large head...
I love the quote “Off with his head” LOL

Me and my lovely Ke Yin XD

Sarah, me, Min Yi and Ke Yin
Min Yi, I dun want watch horror movie!!!
If I am not mistaken, she bought Jennifer Body and Final Destination and she is planning to invite us to watch this!!!! NOOOO WAYYYYYY

Ke Yin bought this for me, as my Birthday Day present
Ya my b day was over, how nice of her still gave a present.
So cute!!!

♥ Lynn

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