Friday, March 12, 2010

So Damn Frustrating

Frustrated with all the things i got to do during our 1 week holiday!!
I am exhausted!! Save me!!
I hate results!!
I don't understand why I study harder than the others and I cant get the best score.
Makes no difference. =[
Got a few papers result.
Not fully 100% satisfied with it.
At least, I got highest in Geography, 96% =D (ps. I am not showing off =/ our school standard is low and the paper is quite easy)
Science is just as easy as ABC. Almost everyone in the whole form got A for Science.
Lame right? Not outstanding even if u got 98% -.-"
btw, anyone has any idea of making a mini stage base on medieval age?? =[
I am dying here!!!
I thought Internet is a source that solve everything?? *sobs*

♥ Lynn