Friday, April 30, 2010

f(x) Nu Abo Teaser

f(x) Nu Abo Teaser

OMG!! They are so prettyyyyyyyyy.
♥ Krystal, awesome hair!!
Very nice~~~
Everyone is amazing!!!!

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday. Unnie

I realised I did not wish u happy b day on my blog. He he
Her birthday is on the 21st of April.
My dad bought my sis the lens she wanted so much.
Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II , I think.. (Long name though -___-)
My sis had a surprised birthday party from her friends at night. Long story.
Happy Birthday, SISTER!!

♥ Lynn

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2PM It's Skin CF (Eng Sub)

2PM It's Skin CF Released

OMG. This is so FUNNY & CUTE

♥ Lynn

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hyori Is Back With Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Here is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!

Love the song! but not the mv. Addicted to the song.
Chitty chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang bang ♥ 
Lee Hyori!!!

♥ Lynn

How To Train Your Dragon

Went to queensbay a few days ago with my sis and her friends.
Watched How To Train Your Dragon.
There are 8 books of this! Gonna read them after my mid year exam =D
1. How to Train Your Dragon (2003)
2. How to Be a Pirate (2004)
3. How to Speak Dragonese (2005)
4. How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse (2006)
5. How to Twist a Dragon's Tale (2007)
6. A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons (2008)
7. How to Ride a Dragon's Storm (2008)
8. How to Break a Dragon's Heart (2009)

I forgot to mention that there were some changes in my class.
Our class seat got change!! T_T Well... only some of us.
"Smart move", teacher. for changing everyone around me and left me there alone with those who cant talk much!
The left side of the class used to be the quiet zone and the right side of the class used to be the noisy zone, and now we are all mix up. This causes us could not concentrate during class because there are no fun at all, passive in class. The teachers should not blame us for being noisy, we did not make a lot of noise when they are teaching but maybe... a little noise when they are not teaching, ok... a lot of noise but I thought that school is for fun learning, cant we have a little fun?

Xin Yi and Pey Shan was separate far away from me, but she got a better place than mine -___- That is so unfair
Pey Shan place is cool, not as hot as mine.
And she has better ppl there too. At least, we are still together in the lab and library.

Oh, I just got my result - Fourth again =/
We thought moral was not counted in our position (Teacher told us that), so.. I did not study moral and it turns out... really bad.

I cant believe that some of them studied moral and got high marks! Unfair!!!
That's all for today.

♥ Lynn

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Post

Debate 070410
There was a debating competition held in Phor Tay High School.
I went there as supporter(to learn) and maybe going to be force to participate next year. Obviously I am going to reject it. It is difficult! My English is not that good either -__- Don't get why they pick me =/
Went Phor Tay once for Calligraphy Competition last year but it is not on school day.
That day I realise Phor Tay isn't as good as I thought, it only looks good on the outside since the school is huge and all that but the students there... I don't even want to mention about it.
Anyway, I enjoy watching the debate. Watching not debating. It is awesome! Debate rocks but obviously the one who debates must be nervous. lol
The debating is base on peer pressure, our school is on the government side.
We lost to CPT and PCGHS lost to St George's. Yay! St George's beat PCGHS =D
No offense. Is just that I support St George's.
The end =]

Guides Fancy Dress Competition 100410
Today we had fancy dress competition for girl guides and rangers.
It is a random title for girl guides and Alice In The Wonderland for rangers.
There was a model who dress as the white queen surprise me! lol
She had a white wig and I shouted Lady Gaga out lmao.
Her face and her body movement was exactly like the white Queen from the movie! ROLF It is hard to describe.
All of us laugh like hell, but she was awesome, admire her lol.
I did not took any photo but I am going to get it from my friend. =D

YeSung - It has to be you (Cinderella's Sister OST) MV

Watched until ep4, this drama is already so interesting! The whole story is just
I cant wait for another week for the other episodes!! I want to watch all of it now!! T_T This is the best drama yet. I love every role but of course accept her little sister, Goo Hyo Sun (Seo Woo) and pity Song Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young)
I really like the guy, Hong Ki Hoon (Chun Jung Myung) he is adorable when he smile!! Taecyeon is cominig soon!! Excited eh??

Cinderella's Sister OST- It has to be you by YeSung is really nice!! I always have to listen to the song before I can go to sleep. I can listen to the song continuously for lots of time, cant resist it. The MV gave me a lot of excitement. This song is really emo lar.. I am not a fan of emo -___- but I LOVE this song and the drama very much.
It is totally awesome and the best!!

♥ Lynn

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV Teaser

Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV Teaser

OMG! Hyori, whats with the Lady Gaga style O_o
This is to much of Lady Gaga -__-
Still love her anyway, just that this is so different from the Hyori I used to know.
Go Lee Hyori!! You rocks!

♥ Lynn

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!! ♥

Today is JONG HYUN'S and my cousin, YVONNE TOH's BIRTHDAY!
생일축하합니다 saengil chukha hamnida 
Happy Birthday
Isn't it cool to have the same birthday as Jong Hyun?!!
Aww... Jong Hyun is so adorable =]
Well, I dunno what picture I should post for my cousin so there are only picture of lovely Jong Hyun.
Haha. Yvonne: If u want me to post a picture of you, tell me. =D haha

♥ Jong Hyun

♥ Lynn

Monday, April 5, 2010

SXI Camp

 Went to SXI camp.
This is our mini stage. Made these with some help from my school guides.
I took the photo during the camp. The photo is greenish, all blame to the lights there -.-
Try to edit it, but all i can do is just this. -__-
Thx to Vanessa Gan for helping me in the explanation for the mini stage. =D
The explanation did not turn out well T_T I'm so nervous during that moment.
Anyway, did not won for this competition.
If I am not mistaken, my school won Best Cleanliness, Best Dance & Best Campfire.

Took a photo of this while I am making those flags. lol
Can anyone tell me why I am so busy and always have a lot of things to do ??
School stressed ppl out. More and more homework T_T and other stuffs
I am exhausted X_X

♥ Lynn

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cinderella's Sister

Awesome drama!! Must watch!!!

Title: 신데렐라 언니 / Cinderella Unni / Cinderella’s Sister
Also known as: Cinderella’s Like in Fate / Cinderella’s Stepsister
Chinese Title : 灰姑娘姐姐
Genre: Romance, melodrama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-31 to 2010-June-03
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
A modern day adaptation of Cinderella with a twist as our Cinderella, Goo Hyo Sun, plots revenge against her evil stepsister (Moon Geun Young) for years of pain and suffering.
Moon Geun Young as Eun Jo
Seo Woo as Goo Hyo Sun
Chun Jung Myung
Taecyeon as Jung Woo
Lee Mi Sook
Kim Gab Soo
Kang Sung Jin


♥ Lynn