Monday, April 5, 2010

SXI Camp

 Went to SXI camp.
This is our mini stage. Made these with some help from my school guides.
I took the photo during the camp. The photo is greenish, all blame to the lights there -.-
Try to edit it, but all i can do is just this. -__-
Thx to Vanessa Gan for helping me in the explanation for the mini stage. =D
The explanation did not turn out well T_T I'm so nervous during that moment.
Anyway, did not won for this competition.
If I am not mistaken, my school won Best Cleanliness, Best Dance & Best Campfire.

Took a photo of this while I am making those flags. lol
Can anyone tell me why I am so busy and always have a lot of things to do ??
School stressed ppl out. More and more homework T_T and other stuffs
I am exhausted X_X

♥ Lynn

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