Tuesday, May 18, 2010


GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 3 Last episode!
I still cannot acccept the ending.
I am not going to be a spoiler, must watch it with your own eyes!!
I love this episode, its so interesting but I hate it because of some reason T_T
Poor CHUCK BASSSSSSSSS!!! I cant calm down till now!!
Poor NATE =(
And YES, Jenny will be away from now on so end of gossip girl for her for now =)
It is because of Taylor Momsen had some busy schedule for her own.
There is a shocking thing about Georgina Sparks too!!
This episode is a BLAST!!
And ohhhhhhhhhhh, got to wait for season 4 which will be on SEPTEMBER!!
September!!! Long time to go!! Have to wait again T_T
Watch it no matter what

♥ Lynn

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