Friday, June 4, 2010


Mid year exam is OVER!!
Phew, those studying days are torturing!
I did my best anyway =)
So much things I want to do!!
School holidays are no holidays -___-
I am going to have a busy holidays, still going to school for most of the days. Sob T_T

Today's Music Bank, Suju's Bonamana won today's K-chart for the third time!!!
Suju - Bonamana

Too bad Kyuhyun is absent T_T He is recovering from his surgery during inflammation of his middle ear. Aww.. I MISS KYUHYUN =(

SS501 ComeBack Stage - Love Ya


YeSung- It Has To Be You

YeSung performs It Has To Be You live for the the first time!!
How funny that Lee Teuk is holding YeSung photo at a side hahaha

CN Blue-Love

♥ Lynn

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