Saturday, July 31, 2010

SHINee - Lucifer on Music Core 100731

I LOVE the fan chant!! ♥♥♥
JongHyun is always hot as usual!!! JONGHYUN JONGHYUN JONGHYUN I can go on like this forever~~
This outfit is the best so far! xD
Watching their performance make me feel so much better.
I am suffering from runny nose and fever!! =( Too tired, feel like sleeping for the whole day. Forcing myself to study when I am dozing off. Sob.
But SHINee!! They are so shiny!! SHINee is the cure for my sickness! Lol

This is the last day of Tiffany and Yuri MC-ing Music Core due to SNSD’s upcoming Japan activities. I will be waiting for SNSD! YoonA!! Hwaiting!

♥ Lynn

Friday, July 30, 2010

SHINee won 100730 Music Bank's K-Chart!!!


Lol. Look at Onew, he is crying so hard that he couldn't even take a photo! xD

Wow, I totally went crazy over that! ♥♥♥
SHINee is HAWTTT!!! Hotter than FIRE!! Hahah
Seriously, they deserved to win!!!
Finally, Miss A was beaten!! OH YEAH!!
Congratulation SHINee!! Hwaiting!

♥ Lynn

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kpop Updates

I am busy studying this days and could not update often.
Here is a little updates
BoA released 'Game' MV 4 days ago.
I like the song but the MV just so so.
BoA, pretty and talented!


Suju and SNSD rocks! SPAO photoshoot is always awesome!!
Post a few pics here. More pics at Entertainment Booth !
Super Junior!

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WingKeh's Birthday Bash!

Went to Gurney yesterday! Celebrated WingKeh's birthday!
We totally surprise her with a lot of stuff. She was touched and tears came out. Lol
We bought her  Converse shoes, a cake and other tiny stuff!
Yay! We watched Despicable Me 3D instead! ILY, WingKeh!
Agnes is ADORABLE!!! I wanna hug her!
Yesterday, Gurney was playing kpop songs for the whole day!!
I dunno what korean shop is doing a promotion there. However... KPOP!!
I heard TVXQ, Suju and SNSD songs like Rising Sun, O Jung Ban Hap, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Kissing You, Oh, Gee & Girls Generation!
I am not sure whether they played SHINee, CN Blue or any other korean artists songs or not. Maybe they played but I'm far away and could not hear it. =(
At least when my mum called, I could listen to Lucifer. Hahah its my current ringtone.

Its so fluffy I'm gonna die!
Does this count as annoying? *Plop plop plop plop plop plop*
Yay ME!!! 
ChiaLynn RULES! Hahah

Phooi Fun and I
I love my shoes!

Min Yi and I

Me!! and PeyShan.

PeyShan, PehKhim, WingKeh, Jovy

This is my favourite!
All of us! Well, except Pey Shan and Peh Khim.
Dunno where they gone to. =/
Too bad my shoes is being blocked. Lol
Can u see me? If u cant, you are probably blind. Just kidding!
My hand totally blocking the birthday girl, WingKeh!

♥ Lynn

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Music Core 100724

SHINee- Up & Down and Lucifer (Comeback Stage)

I LOVE up & down!! It has a catchy beat and the song is stuck in my mind!!
Plus, they are so adorable! Especially, Jonghyun! A combination of hotness and cuteness!
I like Key's hair during Up & Down. His hair is come to his bald side and looks really cute. U cant even realise its a bald spot. Hahah
Taemin and Onew looks awesome too! Taemin's hair is really nice!! I want it badly, its so nice!! Too bad my school doesnt allow this kind of hair -____-
Minho is still sitting due to his injury. Hope he recover soon, I would like to see 5 on the stage dancing.

Super Junior- No Other and Bonamana (Goodbye Stage)

Another goodbye stage. I'm gonna miss them.
They must be really busy soon for Super Show 3!!!

♥ Lynn

Friday, July 23, 2010

Music Bank 100723

SHINee- Lucifer (Comeback stage)

Suju- No Other (Goodbye stage)

Suju and SHINee Backstage

♥ Lynn

I Had A Bad Day!

1. Not watching Despicable Me for Wing Keh's birthday anymore. Only left 3D in Gurney so they decided not to. WTH, I waited for her for 2 weeks but this?!! %&#*@% ARGH! Its driving me crazy!

2. I am broke because of her bday present, well its not that, its just that I rather spend it on watching Despicable me in Queensbay. T_T Sorry keh, but i choose little Agnes over u. hahah That makes me realised someone still owe me my birthday present!!

3. Someone took my eng essay book and did not return it to me! Can u tell me how can I finish my homework when the book is not with me??!!!

4. Our teacher came late to class and ask us to write an essay. We only left 15 minutes before the bell rings. She told us we must finished it before we get to go home and there is another thing that she said makes me wanna punch her in the face (Not literally, I dun do violence -___- just expressing my emotion). In the end, I left school 15 minutes after the bell rangs. Luckily, I am not taking a bus on Friday. My aunt came to fetch my cousin and fortunately waited for me. Phew!

There are still more but I cant complain it here. =(

♥ Lynn

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nokia E72

is my new phone!! Bought it on Monday.
Is the phone I wanted! Thanks dad!
My first phone wallpaper is YoonA and my second wallpaper (current) is Jong Hyun!!
Nokia E72 ROCKS!! Its black and its very nice!
E72 and E71
Mine and my sister's

Me and my new phone!

♥ Lynn

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SHINee Releases Lucifer MV!

I just got home from school and SHINee releases Lucifer MV! Its a great timing!!
LOVE U SHINee! Love U SM!!
I am thinking if i have short hair, I would like to have Taemin's hair! hahah
Its totally awesome!!

♥ Lynn

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nichkhun & Victoria aka Khuntoria - We Got Married Ep 4 (Eng Sub)

I realise I forgot to post this. =) ♥♥♥
Victoria is the nicest wife!! Seriously!

Next week preview

And here is f(x)'s Mr. Boogie @ Inkigayo 100718
Miss Amber =(

♥ Lynn

SHINee Releases 2nd album Lucifer!

Just got back home and first thing is to check on SHINee!!!

SHINee Releases 2nd album Lucifer!

Only posting Lucifer here. Its AWESOME!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!
My heartbeat speeds up!! JongHyun!!!♥♥♥
Here is 2nd album Lucifer track list. Now, we just have to wait for their Music Video!! which will be tomorrow!

Track List:
1. Up & Down
2. Lucifer
3. Electric Heart
4. A-Yo
5. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
7. 악 (Shout Out)
8. Wowowow
9. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready Or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

♥ Lynn

Friday, July 16, 2010

SHINee released MV Teaser 'Lucifer' !!

SHINee- Lucifer MV Teaser!!

Omo!! Its different but I LOVE IT!!!
JONGHYUN!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Key's hair really gave me a shock!
As long as they are SHINee, I LOVE THEM!!

♥ Lynn

Donghae for High Cut

Donghae's solo photoshoot for High Cut magazines July issue!!
The photoshoot’s titled carried the name of “Un-expected Man.”!
Isn't Lee Donghae the cutest,sweetest and hottest guy?!!!
Awww.. drooling!!

Here's something SHINee!!
SHINee’s album cover for their 2nd full length album Lucifer!!
Their first video teaser for Lucifer will be revealed on the 16th at 8pm (KST) which utilizes a matrix camera, otherwise known as Flow-mo, and will include part of their gentle song 'Your Name'. (Too bad!! I'm in tuition at this time!! T_T)
Their full album will be released on the 19th and make their comeback on the 23rd @ Music Bank!

♥ Lynn

Monday, July 12, 2010

100711 Eclispe

Went to Queensbay!
Went with Ke Yin & Kim
Study & for movie.
Its Kimmy Birthday too!!
Eclipse... well... It just kinda bored me out. No offense.
On my opinion, Xavier Samuel aka Riley is better looking than the others. He is hawt! Hahah
First, we went for Subway then Starbucks.
I bought Java Chip as usual =D and studied there!
Then, we went for the movie!

Ke Yin

Ke Yin
Science yo!

Me =D

Alien Ke Yin came to earth!
Whats with the alien's tongue?
Kim, me and Ke Yin
We are the three musketeers!!
Us again!
Kim and KeYin =/
Me and KeYin
Me and Kimmy
KeYin's sister!
Little Agnes!
I put the video clip in my ipod and phone! ♥
Does this count as annoying *PlopPlopPlopPlopPlopPlop*
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
It's so FLUFFY!
Hahahah! She's MINE!! Muahahaha

♥ Lynn