Friday, July 23, 2010

I Had A Bad Day!

1. Not watching Despicable Me for Wing Keh's birthday anymore. Only left 3D in Gurney so they decided not to. WTH, I waited for her for 2 weeks but this?!! %&#*@% ARGH! Its driving me crazy!

2. I am broke because of her bday present, well its not that, its just that I rather spend it on watching Despicable me in Queensbay. T_T Sorry keh, but i choose little Agnes over u. hahah That makes me realised someone still owe me my birthday present!!

3. Someone took my eng essay book and did not return it to me! Can u tell me how can I finish my homework when the book is not with me??!!!

4. Our teacher came late to class and ask us to write an essay. We only left 15 minutes before the bell rings. She told us we must finished it before we get to go home and there is another thing that she said makes me wanna punch her in the face (Not literally, I dun do violence -___- just expressing my emotion). In the end, I left school 15 minutes after the bell rangs. Luckily, I am not taking a bus on Friday. My aunt came to fetch my cousin and fortunately waited for me. Phew!

There are still more but I cant complain it here. =(

♥ Lynn

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