Saturday, July 24, 2010

Music Core 100724

SHINee- Up & Down and Lucifer (Comeback Stage)

I LOVE up & down!! It has a catchy beat and the song is stuck in my mind!!
Plus, they are so adorable! Especially, Jonghyun! A combination of hotness and cuteness!
I like Key's hair during Up & Down. His hair is come to his bald side and looks really cute. U cant even realise its a bald spot. Hahah
Taemin and Onew looks awesome too! Taemin's hair is really nice!! I want it badly, its so nice!! Too bad my school doesnt allow this kind of hair -____-
Minho is still sitting due to his injury. Hope he recover soon, I would like to see 5 on the stage dancing.

Super Junior- No Other and Bonamana (Goodbye Stage)

Another goodbye stage. I'm gonna miss them.
They must be really busy soon for Super Show 3!!!

♥ Lynn

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