Friday, July 9, 2010

Report Card!

I came in third in my form!
Every form 3 and form 5 students parents came to school on thursday to have a little talk with teacher.
My form teacher took a long time to talk to each of our parent. At least, AT LEAST 5 minutes.
She said my Chinese needs to improve. Duh! I knew that all along but I have no interest and i try reading Chinese storybook but I cant understand it.
I got As for others but a B for Chinese. -.-
My form teacher asked my mum how is my sister doing and later started to compare me with her.
Thats not fine with me, she was like comparing me with my sis on chinese calligraphy and speech competition.
I am not good at that, well my chinese calligraphy is not bad but still not as good as hers. Anyway, I am saying that we are good at different things.
All the teacher cares about is just those lame stuff. For example, why not telling me that I am good at drawing and so much better than her.
I am good at a lot of other stuff! Pfft

♥ Lynn


  1. Hahah well most teachers are like that, but fret not okay? Just do your best and most importantly try to enjoy each process :)

    And congrats on getting third. That's awesome! :DD

  2. Hahah. I dun mind what my teacher said anyway =)
    And getting third in my school is really nothing because it is my school. -____-
    Not those school with hundreds of smart students.

  3. At the end of the day, it really REALLY not about how you fare against each other. It's a little pity that our society made it this way nowadays. But anyways, continue to work hard! :)