Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WingKeh's Birthday Bash!

Went to Gurney yesterday! Celebrated WingKeh's birthday!
We totally surprise her with a lot of stuff. She was touched and tears came out. Lol
We bought her  Converse shoes, a cake and other tiny stuff!
Yay! We watched Despicable Me 3D instead! ILY, WingKeh!
Agnes is ADORABLE!!! I wanna hug her!
Yesterday, Gurney was playing kpop songs for the whole day!!
I dunno what korean shop is doing a promotion there. However... KPOP!!
I heard TVXQ, Suju and SNSD songs like Rising Sun, O Jung Ban Hap, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Kissing You, Oh, Gee & Girls Generation!
I am not sure whether they played SHINee, CN Blue or any other korean artists songs or not. Maybe they played but I'm far away and could not hear it. =(
At least when my mum called, I could listen to Lucifer. Hahah its my current ringtone.

Its so fluffy I'm gonna die!
Does this count as annoying? *Plop plop plop plop plop plop*
Yay ME!!! 
ChiaLynn RULES! Hahah

Phooi Fun and I
I love my shoes!

Min Yi and I

Me!! and PeyShan.

PeyShan, PehKhim, WingKeh, Jovy

This is my favourite!
All of us! Well, except Pey Shan and Peh Khim.
Dunno where they gone to. =/
Too bad my shoes is being blocked. Lol
Can u see me? If u cant, you are probably blind. Just kidding!
My hand totally blocking the birthday girl, WingKeh!

♥ Lynn

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