Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox ♥
I watched it because of Lee Seung Gi.
When the first episode of the drama release, I was preparing for my trial so I did not watch.
After my trial, I did not want to start a new drama because PMR is still a month away.
But a few days ago, I watched the first episode, it turns out I like it! Ahahah
Then continue watching the second, third, fourth..... LOL
I like No Min Woo too, the former member and drummer for the band The TRAX! He looks so sweet. His hair is so much better than the old days. =DD

♥ Lynn

Sunday, August 29, 2010

100829 Inkigayo

BoA win Mutizen award on Inkigayo again!
Love JongHyun's Hair more and more! ♥♥♥ Woah!
FT Island comeback stage with Baby Love and Love Love Love ♥♥♥

♥ Lynn

100828 We Got Married Adam Couple & Khuntoria (Chinese Sub)

Sorry, I did not post the last few ep of Khuntoria We Got Married.
Here is the latest episode. Adam Couple meets Khuntoria!

♥ Lynn

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random Post

First of all,
Happy Birthday Jo Kwon!
Saengil Chukha Hamnida!
Jo Kwon always reminds me about his bobo with GaIn! OMG!! Hahaha

FT Island for Litmus Autumn 2010
Post the others when I am free.
I dun have time to post yesterday Music Bank performance.
So here it is, along with today's Music Core.
FT Island comeback with Love Love Love! JaeJin is adorable, I still prefer HongGi's straight hair and Min Hwan looks so mature now! He has the biggest difference, he is really good looking now instead of cute. xD
I really love their song!
SHINee's bling bling JongHyun's hair is amazing! *drools* His best hair so far in their Lucifer promotion. =DD
Kwon BoA won 100827 Music Bank K-chart again! SHINee dance Hurricane Venus with BoA in the end! =DDD
F1rst, the new group which consist of boys and girls had their debut stage on today's episode of Music Core.
I am not a fan though but girls and boys in a group is unique.They have talent but they need a better song and choreography.

Today's Music Core performance

Step Up 3D!
Watched it yesterday at home. I wanna watch it again in 3D and I am definitely going to if there is 3D in Penang. I searched GSC web page but there is no 3D available in Penang =/ I am gonna wait.
Step Up 3D is the best compare to 1 & 2
There a a few cast from Step Up 2 too! That includes Moose! Ahaha
Rick Malambri aka Luke!! Waoh!
The twins are funny.
This is an AWESOME movie! The choreography is AMAZING!
Dancing on water is my favourite! the dance and the water splash are fascinating!
'Born From a Boombox'
Here are some videos, but it doesnt show the whole dance of course.
There are other videos, just search them on youtube. =)
U have to watch it. MUST WATCH!


Dancing In The Park
Moose! My fav part of this is not shown here =(

Robot Rock

My FAV! Dancing On Water

This is My Family
I love this part where Luke and Natalie dance.
Sharni Vinson rocks!

♥ Lynn

Thursday, August 26, 2010

SNSD - Genie PV Jap Ver !!

A clear and large photo of SNSD's Japanese Single Genie
Click to enlarge =)
My current blog header!

SNSD - Genie Japanese Promotional Video

Omo! YoonA!! ♥
Wow wow wow! I LOVE IT!
Lol I am so used to Korean ver of Tell Me Your Wish and Jap ver of Genie seems weird =/
♥Kuseni Naruwa♥! xD I like it but I prefer sowoneul malhaebwa!♥

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trial Is Over!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Trial is OVER!
Finally, I can have a little break. But PMR is coming -_____-
For now I just wanna have fun!! Teehee
So much things I wanted to do that I cant even list it down! Hahah
But first, I have to finish a whole stack of homework -.-"
And and and.. FT Island releases Love Love Love MV today!!
Big changes for their hair! lol
Especially HongGi's...kinda odd. I like his hair the most on their first debut.
His voice is still amazing! ♥
Jaejin's hair is still nice. So cute. xD

♥ Lynn

Friday, August 20, 2010

In The Middle Of My Trial Exam

Still 4 more papers to go! =)
Lack of updates this day, busy studying =)
And here is something to share
SNSD- Genie Japanese Version Teaser!

I am really excited for SNSD Japanese debut! Hwaiting!
Lol Kuseni Naru wa! Hahah

TaeYang Releases I'll Be There MV

Kim Hyun Joong for Playful Kiss Teaser !

Kim Hyun Joong!! Awwww!!!! His SMILE!! Faint immediately!
And I hate girl... argh!!! T________T Dun u dare to touch HyunJoong!!lol

♥ Lynn

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trial exam is just around the corner...

BoA on today's Music Bank K-Chart! 100813!
Woo! Hurricane Venus!
Too bad SHINee dun even have a chance, but BoA seriously deserved it!
And finally MinHo is back on the stage! All 5 of them performed!! They are SHINee!
Woots! JongHyun!!

Trial exam is just around the corner so I did not update for a long time and seldom will update until my trial is over because I'm busy preparing for my trial exam.
There are lots of debuts these day. Here are some.
Nine Muses, the 9 models. Well, except for their height and their slim body I dun really like them. I prefer SNSD. =D They already debuted on yesterday M Countdown with 'No Playboy'.
And GP Basic, the really young rookie group with the average age of 13. I dun really like them too, choreagraphy is sorta bored and they look kinda odd to me. =.= The song is just so so. Their leader,Hyena is only 14 and their maknae, Janey is only 12! and they are really short. I feel so old -.-" It turns out that Janey rapping skill is not bad. On my opinion, they are just too young!

Here is the performance:

GP Basic- Game MV

♥ Lynn

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yoogeun Listening and Dancing to SHINee's Lucifer!

Gosh!!! Yoogeun is so cute!!
He must be missing his appa!

♥ Lynn

Music Core 100807 & MR Removed

Onew and Krystal, MCs for today's Music Core!
Doesnt they look cute!! Krystal is pretty~~
BoA backstage with SHINee!!

Here is their performance on Music Core 100807
Their voice is amazing, unique and flawless.
This was proved with their MR removed. MR removed videos are popular these days!
BoA sings live is just like from her album recording! Of course, SHINee is awesome without MR too! Their flawless singing voice~
Electronic Manic Supersonic Bionic Energy
Her whisper is the Lucifer!

Here are some that I would like to share.
Fyi, MR stands for Music recording.
So MR removed is a video that minimize the music recorded sound and maximize the vocal of the singer.
U can see how awesome SHINee and BoA voice is!!
Flawless describe it! JongHyun!! BoA!!
Just sharing some here to let u know how amazing they are!  There are still lots of them on Youtube, you could search for others!

♥ Lynn

Friday, August 6, 2010

SHINee beats Miss A and won today Music Bank K-Chart!!

Once Again, SHINee beats Miss A and won today Music Bank K-Chart!!
SHINee!! Bling Bling JongHyun is a hottie!! ♥
Again, I really love SHINee's fan chant.
When SHINee won, their dancers gave them a shoulder ride!! Aww... thats so cute.
JongHyun looks so cute on top!
Oh YEAH!!! Uh-huh!! Kwon BoA!
Isn't BoA's comeback amazing!! Hurricane Venus! ♥
Pretty and talented! I LOVE HER!! The Queen of Kpop is BACK!

Focus at the end!! ♥♥♥

♥ Lynn

Thursday, August 5, 2010

BoA released her 6th Korean album Hurricane Venus! Kpop Updates!

BoA released her 6th Korean album Hurricane Venus!!
Kwon BoA!

2. Hurricane Venus
4. 옆사람 (Person Next to You)
5. M.E.P(My Electronic Piano)
7. 한별 (One Star)
9. 하루하루 (Ordinary Day)
10. Don’t Know What To Say
11. Romance

Nine Muses

Nine Muses seem odd in my opinion. =/
But their height and long legs are fascinating!
But still... I support SNSD more!! xD

GP Basic
Another rookie girl group will be making their debut soon.
All 6 members are still attending high school, and are at the average age of 15, the youngest female group.
Younger and younger artists debut in Kpop. Are they competing in their age? =/
Look at how young some of them are!

TODAY IS SNSD'S 3rd anniversary!!! 

Happy Anniversary!! Hwaiting! SNSD forever!!

And for the upcoming live airing of Music Core on August 7th, f(x)’s Krystal and SHINee’s Onew will host together! However, they will be working as daily MCs, not permanent.

♥ Lynn

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SHINee's Lucifer Dance Version!!!

I have been thinking whether SM is going to release a dance version of Lucifer.
Too be specific, its their Lucifer rehersal.
When I on the net, it just released! Woo~ I seriously love SM!
AND HERE IT IS. The song is a bit different like SNSD's Genie before their album releases. Always have a slightly different before their original releases.

♥ Lynn

Trying To Compete With SNSD?

We all know that there is a upcoming girl Group, Nine Muses which are models with a height over 170cm!
9 members like SNSD and are all said to be 170cm++ and over 20 years old (older than SNSD) xD
will be debuting with a single album titled Let’s Have a Party, and its title track will be called No Playboy.
Nine Muses’ debut first single Let’s Have a Party will be released on August 12th.
I preferred & love SNSD more!! YoonA! Hahah

btw, did u heard of 20 stars? The Kpop group that is going to debut soon but i dun thin the debut date is comfirmed. They are having 18 confirmed members and planning to have 20! Beating out Super Junior. Kpop group is now all about NUMBERS. Lol

BoA will be casting in a dance movie set in New York. She is set to start filming early next year in New York and Los Angeles after she finishes her Korean promotions for Hurricane Venus. Hurricane Venus!!

Nine Muses

♥ Lynn

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nichkhun & Victoria aka Khuntoria - We Got Married Ep 6 (Chinese Sub)

I cant find eng sub. =/ So here it is with Chinese Sub. =)
Nichkhun accidentally call Victoria, Krystal!!! Wow, a big mistake!
Vic is really cute when she is on a phone call with Khunnie's younger sister! They spoke English! Lol

I wanna share this. Been waiting for this. Hahah
Finally, found it this morning.
Vic is so much better, she can do it easily! No one can beat Vic in flexibility!
Not even Jia, whats with her pink hair anyway? =/

♥ Lynn

SHINee - Lucifer on Inkigayo 100801

Look at SHINee, they are so hot and 'SHINee' but...
What?!!! Miss A won instead of SHINee ._.
I really think that SHINee should have won!!
I dun get it!! SHINee beat Miss A on Music Bank and loses on Inkigayo?! Does that make any sense?!
Argh, Miss A is so DOWN!!! DOWN DOWN DOWN!

And... today is SNSD's Tiffany birthday.
Happy Birthday, Tiffany!

♥ Lynn