Saturday, August 7, 2010

Music Core 100807 & MR Removed

Onew and Krystal, MCs for today's Music Core!
Doesnt they look cute!! Krystal is pretty~~
BoA backstage with SHINee!!

Here is their performance on Music Core 100807
Their voice is amazing, unique and flawless.
This was proved with their MR removed. MR removed videos are popular these days!
BoA sings live is just like from her album recording! Of course, SHINee is awesome without MR too! Their flawless singing voice~
Electronic Manic Supersonic Bionic Energy
Her whisper is the Lucifer!

Here are some that I would like to share.
Fyi, MR stands for Music recording.
So MR removed is a video that minimize the music recorded sound and maximize the vocal of the singer.
U can see how awesome SHINee and BoA voice is!!
Flawless describe it! JongHyun!! BoA!!
Just sharing some here to let u know how amazing they are!  There are still lots of them on Youtube, you could search for others!

♥ Lynn

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