Friday, August 13, 2010

Trial exam is just around the corner...

BoA on today's Music Bank K-Chart! 100813!
Woo! Hurricane Venus!
Too bad SHINee dun even have a chance, but BoA seriously deserved it!
And finally MinHo is back on the stage! All 5 of them performed!! They are SHINee!
Woots! JongHyun!!

Trial exam is just around the corner so I did not update for a long time and seldom will update until my trial is over because I'm busy preparing for my trial exam.
There are lots of debuts these day. Here are some.
Nine Muses, the 9 models. Well, except for their height and their slim body I dun really like them. I prefer SNSD. =D They already debuted on yesterday M Countdown with 'No Playboy'.
And GP Basic, the really young rookie group with the average age of 13. I dun really like them too, choreagraphy is sorta bored and they look kinda odd to me. =.= The song is just so so. Their leader,Hyena is only 14 and their maknae, Janey is only 12! and they are really short. I feel so old -.-" It turns out that Janey rapping skill is not bad. On my opinion, they are just too young!

Here is the performance:

GP Basic- Game MV

♥ Lynn

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