Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trying To Compete With SNSD?

We all know that there is a upcoming girl Group, Nine Muses which are models with a height over 170cm!
9 members like SNSD and are all said to be 170cm++ and over 20 years old (older than SNSD) xD
will be debuting with a single album titled Let’s Have a Party, and its title track will be called No Playboy.
Nine Muses’ debut first single Let’s Have a Party will be released on August 12th.
I preferred & love SNSD more!! YoonA! Hahah

btw, did u heard of 20 stars? The Kpop group that is going to debut soon but i dun thin the debut date is comfirmed. They are having 18 confirmed members and planning to have 20! Beating out Super Junior. Kpop group is now all about NUMBERS. Lol

BoA will be casting in a dance movie set in New York. She is set to start filming early next year in New York and Los Angeles after she finishes her Korean promotions for Hurricane Venus. Hurricane Venus!!

Nine Muses

♥ Lynn

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