Thursday, September 9, 2010

1009007 WK's House and Steamboat

Went to WingKeh's house yesterday afternoon and Town Steamboat Restaurant (火锅之家) at night with friends.
Yea, we have fun!!
I cut my new fridge a few days ago and I am satisfied with it. Hahaha
Some photos are taken by my phone, so some are kinda blur and not that nice =)
Peace out!
Wing Keh is so hardworking!
We found PEY SHAN aka PRETTY PIG!!
Even though she is not with us  but her soul is! Hahah
 Nice butt!

Posing with PRETTY PIG!
Preparing to go for steamboat. Tie my hair up!

WingKeh's favourite- BEEF -.-

Astro Boy hairstyle!
MinYi feeding KeYin xD
KeYin, PhooiFun and YT
Ke Yin

♥ Lynn

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