Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 Wonderful Things to Share

Devil Casing
My sister's friend bought her the devil casings for E71 but it suits mine too, E72. Hahah Thanks Jon! =D
RED!! My favourite colour! Wee~~ Red doesnt suit my sister's phone colour but it looks really good on mine!
I like the devil pointy ears!!

The BEST QUOTE(Gossip Girl)

Who needs a vampire in a Volvo when there's Chuck Bass in a limo?
Lmao! People are tweeting this on Twitter! This quote is the best for now and going to be the best forever! Its is the best quote in the universe!!!
By the way, Chuck Bass is trending on twitter again!
Watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Hahah
When it almost came to the end, Chuck Bass says "I'm Chuck Bass" Woah! One of the best quotes!
You will know how important "I'm Chuck Bass" is if you watch GOSSIP GIRL.
Another favourite Gossip Girl quote of mine is from Blair Waldorf to Chuck Bass "three words, eight letters. say it and i'm yours" Aww....

Now, who is Juliet?! Why is she always with Nate and stalking him?!! Just stay away from Nate! -___________- Arghh....
Its already confirmed that she is not gossip girl. But who is she and what is she up to?
There is a stalker bulletin board of Serena, Nate, Chuck, Blair etc.
On her last scene, she makes a phone call and only leaves one piece of paper(Serena) on her board. Weird, isnt she? Please stay away from Nate, thank you. =)

That's all for now. PMR is coming soon, around 2 weeks to go. In case you don't know what PMR is, it is a big exam for form3 students in Malaysia =D Lol
Off to study! Bye! =)

♥ Lynn

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