Saturday, September 25, 2010

My New Specs

Yes, I have been wearing specs and I changed my specs few days ago. Teehee =)
I don't think there is a photo of me wearing glasses on my blog or fb. I think there is only 1, but it is a glasses only with frame and without lens -.-"
Posing with my phone red devil casing!! =DD It is for E71, not for E72 so the holes for the buttons on the sides do no match with my phone -.- Lol is not a problem though =D
My friends say it is very nice, 'I'm so proud of you, little red devil!'
Ke Yin and I try to name it like Little Devil, LD and also EL-D. Hahah
There is still more, but its a secret. Cant say it here. LOLL

HongGi's is exactly like mine!! =DD
Hahah. LOL luckily he changed his hairstyle. =)
His best hairstyle of his is during their first debut.

♥ Lynn

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