Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Queensbay 100904

Dinner at Winter Warmers and met up with the Gans =D
Fion got so skinny! Even skinnier than me! How she got so skinny??!! Omo!!
Vanessa is as pretty as usual =)
Mrs Gan said I look different. The ChiaLynn she knows was still the little girl with short bob hairstyle in primary. Hahaha Why must I have that bob hairstyle in the first place -.- Loll I only have that hairstyle in standard 1,2 and 3 in primary. That made me realised we havent met for a long time =/ Well, aunty nice to meet u again! Hahah =)

 Forgot what tea is this, I dun drink tea anyway -.-
All I know is it smells like smells like perfume fragrance!!

Lastly, us -_____- 

♥ Lynn

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