Thursday, September 30, 2010

SHINee- Hello Teaser and others

PMR is only a few days away. I wanted to update these few days but sorry I cant. I dun have much time now, gotta study. So here are some Music Videos. =D and SHINee's Hello Teaser!!
Comeback stage will be on tomorrow's Music Bank and the re-packaged album will be released on October 4th., that is one day before PMR. =(
Stat tuned for SHINee comeback stage and also Beast!

Love the song. They are so cute and all of their hairstyles are sooooooo nice!♥♥♥
Listen to the full song below =D JongHyun voice- WOAH!!!

SE7EN!! Melts my heart! ♥ and the girl in that MV is her REAL LIFE GIRLFRIEND. *Heart broken =(
Hahahah I don't mind, support SE7EN no matter what!! =D

♥ Lynn

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