Sunday, October 31, 2010

101030 Khuntoria - We Got Married Ep 19 (Chinese Sub)

♥ Lynn

Kose Seikisho Mask White

 It is a scheduled post, I'm in Kedah with my grandma now =)
This is the best face mask! It is a peel off mask. Not only it helps in whitening, it also unclogs pores, remove dirt and impurities to thoroughly clean skin and reduce black pores. It does not show much effect on whitening though.
Well, I start using this is because of KuanTing, one of my best buddies xD
After Jota Joti, I'm really dark. I'm desperate for a good whitening mask.
She lend me hers that is Kose Seikisho Mask White, I tried it once and I love it! So, I asked my mum to buy that for me. I bought it with RM80 but my friend bought it with RM55 long ago, maybe it was on an offer or something when she bought it. No idea -.-
My mum paid for it anyway =D Thanks mum!
It is really good, you should really try it =D

Yes... I got bored so I took a few pictures! hahah

Yea, the photo is kinda blur =/

♥ Lynn

Friday, October 29, 2010

101029 Music Bank

3 goodbye stage today =(
SHINee, Beast and SE7EN.
SNSD comeback stage - Hoot!
2PM won Music Bank's K-chart! =D

Taemin is so cute with his cute mistake.
Seeing JongHyun hurts a lot -.- I dun like him that much like I used too now but I STILL LOVE SHINEE! ♥

SE7EN is the man! A true man!!!

YoonA is so pretty!! Yeppeo!

101029 47th Daejong Film Awards
SNSD- Oh! and Hoot 

The faces of those audience are really annoying =/ dun they know SNSD?!

2PM- Only You

2PM- I'll Be Back

I think I see TOP on 0:42 !
♥ Lynn

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SNSD's Hoot MV is out!

SiWon is hawt! Waoh! *Drools =DD
What do you think? I dun really like it =/

Their dance is still sort of hilarious to me. LOL

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SHINee’s Jonghyun & Shin Se Kyung are DATING?! T_T

OH NOOOOOOOO!!! You will definitely faint when you see the photos down there. HEART BROKEN
I'm not happy for them, I try to be but I'm NOT! Sorry, I'm just being honest. It takes time to accept it and to wish them happy.
But why Shin Se Kyung??!! She went under the knife! She is a plastic! Why it has to be her?
She looks like Uee and I dun like it -.-
I'm half-conscious now @_@
Key, I'm really sorry for you! No more JongKey T_T
Imagine JongKyung, ewww.. weird name. =/
Jjong looks really happy though. Sob
Fine... as long as Jjong is happy, I wont start anti-ing SeKyung.
I will support SHINee and Jjong no matter what =) but I dint say I will support JongKyung -.-"
I know i'm suppose to be happy for them but I just cant!
Maybe you will think it is weird for fans to react that way but you will understand if an idol of yours you really like did the same thing as JongHyun. Well, Jjong is a kpop idol, SM shouldnt even admit that he is in a special relationship with someone =/ There is gonna be a reason behind. Its impossible for SM to admit it if there isnt a reason.
SE7EN is a lot different though, he has been with his girlfriend, Park Han Byul for EIGHT YEARS! That is true love! =D And... I heard that HanByul will debut as a singer soon.
Btw, twitter is trending SeKyung -.- Either they are bashing her or supporting her or just being mutual.

♥ Lynn

Monday, October 25, 2010

The weirdest header ever! =D

HAHAHA!! This is my blog new header! Seriously, I don't even know where I got the courage from!
Thank you WingKeh for taking this series of photos continuously.
Every expression is priceless! U can never see me with this kind of photos until today. Well, is yesterday, I did post this yesterday in my previous post. My natural look. =)
Separated the photos so that it wouldn't be so scary. =D

My upper header

My bottom header

The track is out. The song is... ermm... ehhh... I dun really like it.
Just got to wait for the MV then.

♥ Lynn

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday XinYi and Gary!

Had a haircut yesterday, I love my fringe!!
I wore a dress! =D
In the afternoon- went to Queensbay for XinYi's Birthday.
Watched You Again. It isnt that nice, it is actually quite bored but there isnt any othet better movie to watch. Speaking of movie, I just cant wait for Harry Potter! =D
We still havent bought presents for XinYi, only bought a necklace from Forever21 and I bought myself a key ring! SHINee's KEY! lol
It isnt that fun that afternoon because of a really annoying reason. =(

The birthday girl- XinYi! :D

Hahaha, I LIKE these photos of me! Its funny!
WingKeh took this.
All kinds of expression continuously xD


XinYi, PhooiFun, Jovy

XinYi, PhooiFun, Jovy, WingKeh

Aww... WingKeh is shy.

Chubby WingKeh

Jovy, XinYi
WingKeh, WanYan

Jovy and her beloved LeeMinHo!

XinYi and PhooiFun
Aren't they cute? =)

WanYan is in this picture! haha

Note to myself: Never take photos with people who are fairer than you. Hahahah

At night- Went to Gary's house for his birthday.
Fetch InnJoe and Phaik Zhen on the way.
I had fun that night but... they couple me up with that 13yrs old boy! -.-zzz
I got to admit he is cute like a little boy but seriously guys? ._.
Not many photos because I'm tired. The others have a lot!

Inn Joe. She is the one with dark skin. hahah

Wow, look at her palms!

♥ Lynn

101023 Khuntoria - We Got Married Ep 18 (Chinese Sub)

♥ Lynn

Girls' Generation(소녀시대)_훗(Hoot)_TEASER MOVIE(티져무비)

#snsdhoot is trending on twitter! =D

♥ Lynn

Friday, October 22, 2010


Take place on 15-17 October at SMK Haji Zainul Abidin.
Participated this year! Had fun but the worst part is u will turn a lot darker -.-
Try to keep it short. 
On the first day, we have to rush to the spot after school. I'm oily and stinky without taking a bath. x)
Not much on the first day. I did not get to join orientation, stay at the campsite to help out instead. =(
Did not overnight, went home to sleep on my comfy bed =)
The fun is on the second day! Mainly is because of cabaran. Hahaha Completed 35 challenges. =)
I'm kinda sleepy during campfire night. Sort of boring -.- accept for free dance! LOL
I regret something on that night. I miss out my sifu's performance, they danced 2NE1's Fire!! Ahahaaha
Third day- tidying up and prize giving.

 paw print?

 Chee Hui! =pp

Not with extra large, I'm afraid that u will faint xD
Ugly bruise!! Its on my knee!
No idea how I got this.
The colour difference! HAHAHAH!! Lmao
Challenging Award. 35 challenges are completed =)

♥ Lynn