Friday, October 29, 2010

101029 Music Bank

3 goodbye stage today =(
SHINee, Beast and SE7EN.
SNSD comeback stage - Hoot!
2PM won Music Bank's K-chart! =D

Taemin is so cute with his cute mistake.
Seeing JongHyun hurts a lot -.- I dun like him that much like I used too now but I STILL LOVE SHINEE! ♥

SE7EN is the man! A true man!!!

YoonA is so pretty!! Yeppeo!

101029 47th Daejong Film Awards
SNSD- Oh! and Hoot 

The faces of those audience are really annoying =/ dun they know SNSD?!

2PM- Only You

2PM- I'll Be Back

I think I see TOP on 0:42 !
♥ Lynn

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