Monday, October 18, 2010

101015 School Day

Since PMR is over, my school is planning a bunch of stuff for us. *sigh
 Last Friday, my form are having fancy dress competition.
Well, girl guides call it fancy dress but our school call it fashion show -___________-
My class, 3P2 and 3M3 participated in it, its not like we have a choice -.- Each class are separate into 3 groups, a total of 9 groups, only 2 days to prepare for it. As usual, we have to made those up with recycle materials.
I just went home and took my those old guides stuff, luckily I haven't threw it away.
We just modify our fancy dress, save up a lot of time.
My favourite part is still the hat, only made up of plastic, newspaper and cardboard.
We only won third, We seriously think that we should won first. Oh well... =/
Today, I slept in school most of the time. =) Really boring, a guy gave us a speech about global warming and I slept most of the time -.-" When he said we should separate our rubbish and recycle them, I said "har... so ma huan" with a low voice, He look at me and said "Ya lor, ma huan hor" but he turn back to his point, even thought its ma huan, we still have to do it. Hahah

YvonneNg, SooChie, Pricillia Kuay, Me!
This picture credits to Zhi Yee.
I think this is the first picture I post with my hair all tie up.
Dun worry, there will be more when I update on Jota Joti -.-
Yeah, I know I'm the darkest.
Pricllia's RM200++ high heels with a matching of a flower made up of tissue paper which dun even costs more than RM1.
I rocks right? I made a flower out of tissue! =p
PeyShan, Pricillia, XinYi, KuanTing

PeyShan, CaiXian
Pey Shan, please stop with ur lala expression and combining it with SHINee Lucifer.
U are ruining Lucifer :p
Waoh! The hardworking ones.
Pricillia and InnJoe (my sifu!) =D

♥ Lynn

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