Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday XinYi and Gary!

Had a haircut yesterday, I love my fringe!!
I wore a dress! =D
In the afternoon- went to Queensbay for XinYi's Birthday.
Watched You Again. It isnt that nice, it is actually quite bored but there isnt any othet better movie to watch. Speaking of movie, I just cant wait for Harry Potter! =D
We still havent bought presents for XinYi, only bought a necklace from Forever21 and I bought myself a key ring! SHINee's KEY! lol
It isnt that fun that afternoon because of a really annoying reason. =(

The birthday girl- XinYi! :D

Hahaha, I LIKE these photos of me! Its funny!
WingKeh took this.
All kinds of expression continuously xD


XinYi, PhooiFun, Jovy

XinYi, PhooiFun, Jovy, WingKeh

Aww... WingKeh is shy.

Chubby WingKeh

Jovy, XinYi
WingKeh, WanYan

Jovy and her beloved LeeMinHo!

XinYi and PhooiFun
Aren't they cute? =)

WanYan is in this picture! haha

Note to myself: Never take photos with people who are fairer than you. Hahahah

At night- Went to Gary's house for his birthday.
Fetch InnJoe and Phaik Zhen on the way.
I had fun that night but... they couple me up with that 13yrs old boy! -.-zzz
I got to admit he is cute like a little boy but seriously guys? ._.
Not many photos because I'm tired. The others have a lot!

Inn Joe. She is the one with dark skin. hahah

Wow, look at her palms!

♥ Lynn

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