Friday, October 22, 2010


Take place on 15-17 October at SMK Haji Zainul Abidin.
Participated this year! Had fun but the worst part is u will turn a lot darker -.-
Try to keep it short. 
On the first day, we have to rush to the spot after school. I'm oily and stinky without taking a bath. x)
Not much on the first day. I did not get to join orientation, stay at the campsite to help out instead. =(
Did not overnight, went home to sleep on my comfy bed =)
The fun is on the second day! Mainly is because of cabaran. Hahaha Completed 35 challenges. =)
I'm kinda sleepy during campfire night. Sort of boring -.- accept for free dance! LOL
I regret something on that night. I miss out my sifu's performance, they danced 2NE1's Fire!! Ahahaaha
Third day- tidying up and prize giving.

 paw print?

 Chee Hui! =pp

Not with extra large, I'm afraid that u will faint xD
Ugly bruise!! Its on my knee!
No idea how I got this.
The colour difference! HAHAHAH!! Lmao
Challenging Award. 35 challenges are completed =)

♥ Lynn

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