Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SHINee’s Jonghyun & Shin Se Kyung are DATING?! T_T

OH NOOOOOOOO!!! You will definitely faint when you see the photos down there. HEART BROKEN
I'm not happy for them, I try to be but I'm NOT! Sorry, I'm just being honest. It takes time to accept it and to wish them happy.
But why Shin Se Kyung??!! She went under the knife! She is a plastic! Why it has to be her?
She looks like Uee and I dun like it -.-
I'm half-conscious now @_@
Key, I'm really sorry for you! No more JongKey T_T
Imagine JongKyung, ewww.. weird name. =/
Jjong looks really happy though. Sob
Fine... as long as Jjong is happy, I wont start anti-ing SeKyung.
I will support SHINee and Jjong no matter what =) but I dint say I will support JongKyung -.-"
I know i'm suppose to be happy for them but I just cant!
Maybe you will think it is weird for fans to react that way but you will understand if an idol of yours you really like did the same thing as JongHyun. Well, Jjong is a kpop idol, SM shouldnt even admit that he is in a special relationship with someone =/ There is gonna be a reason behind. Its impossible for SM to admit it if there isnt a reason.
SE7EN is a lot different though, he has been with his girlfriend, Park Han Byul for EIGHT YEARS! That is true love! =D And... I heard that HanByul will debut as a singer soon.
Btw, twitter is trending SeKyung -.- Either they are bashing her or supporting her or just being mutual.

♥ Lynn


  1. nooo, nooo nooooo!
    can't be happy for them eihter...:(

  2. really sad..i didn't expect that he will actually have a girlfriend and to be honest i really didn't like shin se kyung before their relationship was made public ..anyway it's like to soon to tell that they will date in the future as well..:D
    maybe I was a little to harsh because when i found out about it i really hoped that the jonghyun oppa's fans would atack her and she will be so scared that she will break up with oppa but right now i just pretend that nothing happened and wait until in the news it will say that they breaked up:D:)