Monday, November 29, 2010


It's OUT! KyuHyun, JongHyun, Jino and Jay are awesomeeeee!
Love the MV!
KyuHyunnnnn ♥♥♥
Looking at JongHyun hurts =( curse you, SeKyung! but Jjong voice is still OMGGGG ♥ :)

♥ Lynn

2010 MAMA ( Mnet Asian Music Awards) & YG Life big announcements

Again, without SM this year. Lots of artists skipped this year MAMA, how sad. Back then, MKMF is so much better.
I don't like MAMA, I really believe it is fake. No award goes to SM artists AGAIN even though they are nominated. Same as last year. Boo MAMA! :p
If u miss the live broadcasting yesterday, check out the videos here Link

The Winner of 2010 MAMA


Miss A – “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

Best Digital Single
Park Bom – “You And I”

Best Male Dance Performance
2PM – “I’ll Be Back”

Best Rap Performance
DJ DOC – “I’m This Kind Of Person”

Best Solo Vocal Performance
Gummy – “Because You’re A Man”

Best Solo Dance Performance
Rain – “Love Song”

Best Band Performance
Hot Potato – “Confession”

Best Dance Performance By A Female Group
Miss A – “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

Best Asian R&B Group

Best Asian Artist
Zhang Jie

Best New Asian Artist

Best Asian Pop Artist

Best International Artist
Far East Movement

Best New Female Artist
Miss A

Best Female Group

Best Male Group

Best Male Solo Artist

The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award

Best Music Video

YG Life big announcements !
The posters say it all. =D


♥ Lynn

Sunday, November 28, 2010

MBC Star Audition !

YES! The voting starts today =)
I'm not the one auditioning, I'm helping my friends here.
First, go to then go to Gallery.
Search the audition entry on the top. Here is how u search for my friends :)
Country - Other
Genre - Other
Tags - Audition
Sort - Date submitted
It's on the next page, the second video. 2 of them, a girl in pink and another girl in white, both with specs. Even though they aint perfect but they tried their best, clicking LIKE wouldn't hurt you right?
Check out their video and vote for them if you can, your vote is very much appreciated but I wont force you if you don't want to. =) Thanks!

and here is another audition entry I like u guys to check it out! He has the most viewed, that's why his audition entry is easily being searched. Just sort by views and his video will be the first video.
I voted for him too =) His other covers are amazing too. Most importantly, Miss A's Min tweeted his audition video on twitter! OH MY GAWDDD

♥ Lynn

S.M. THE BALLAD - Miss You debut stage on Inkigayo

♥ Lynn

101127 Khuntoria - We Got Married Ep 22 (Chinese Sub)

For Adam and Yongseo couple, search this user:

♥ Lynn

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello readers! :)

First, here's the video I mentioned yesterday. f(x)'s NU ABO and a little surprise at the back :)
This video is uploaded through blogger so it isnt clear. View my video on fb for clearer resolution if u are my fb friend. :)
KeYin and I, best friend forever!! Even though I'm dark and she is fair. ahaha

Look at the free counter, reaches 101917! =) Just realised that
There should be more. ahaha because I added this gadget a few years later after I start blogging.
Thank you readers for viewing or reading my blog.
I love you guys :) Hugs and kisses!

Lastly... OMGAWDDD!! Tattoos! Faint ar faint ar. LOL
My uncle and aunt came back from KL yesterday to visit my aunt from London and of course everyone of us.
Their surprise are tattoos @_@ 
When my uncle showed it to me, he was like "ta-da!" and I was like "huhhhh... adui.... faint ar... OMG!!"
The seahorses on the leg are actually okay but my uncle's ._. hahaha

 The pictures are taken from my uncle's fb. Lmao!
My aunt's leg
My uncle's leg    
My uncle's hand @_@
Oh god...
but the picture turns out scarier.

Here's something to calm down
S.M THE BALLAD - Miss You (Full Audio)
Kyuhyun and JongHyun
Miss you, bogoshipo :) Guh gi uh di ya?

♥ Lynn

Friday, November 26, 2010

101126 Going Crazy With Ke Yin

I feel like going to her house so I asked her through fb and she says okay! Yay, so yeah... only took me 5 minutes to get to her house! haha
Her little twins cousins were there!  They are so cute xD Her little sis too, she remembered who I am and my name! awww.... I'm touched. Her not so little cousin was there too, Yoke Jye! =D
And I'm officially addicted to video recording!! Crazayyy videos!! Woo~ Gonna upload one of the video tomorrow. Peace out!
 Sexayyy KeYin =D

 I'm chicken dancing on the bed -.-
 Myself and KeYin
Prettayyy KeYin
KeYin bought this for me from BeiJing

♥ Lynn

Thursday, November 25, 2010

101124 My aunt is back again!

Yes... my aunt from London is back! Every time, back with lots of chocolate! Ahahaha
This time, without my cousin bro and sis.
I always said that kit kat from london is nicer than ours! I'm telling the truth. =D
Err... we dint take a photo of my aunt -.-

♥ Lynn

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prank Calls

I'm not the one sending, I'm the one receiving the prank calls from Zhi Hui and I think Li Chin was beside her, I heard her voice. -.-
I text her after that, she still replied me "molla molla" means dunno by the way. -.- so... it's definitely her. They made lots of prank calls to the others too but I'm the only one with songs. haha

Now, here's the story. My house phone rang, my sister and I really hate to answer house phone, so call our hand phones if possible. Anyway... my sister went to answer the phone then she told me "it's for you and dunno which friend so cute said Yoboseyo, are you ChiaLynn? then I answered no.. I'm ChiaYi"-.-
That time I was thinking it must be YeeShuang because she is the only one who tells me she wanted to say that when she calls me -.-
I can't remember the conversation 100% accurately but I'll just simply write it out.

Me: Yoboseyo! Who are you?

Unknown: *silence. Suddenly playing SHINee's Hello "Hello, Hello..." 2NE1's Can't nobody "Can't nobody hold us down...."

Me: *Listening to the songs and laughing

Unknown: Hello, do you have hair problem? *asking it seriously

Me: Huh?! *laughing and I already knew that was Zhi Hui, I recognised her voice.

Zhi Hui: Do you have hair problem? We are from Namsam Hair Care. (Dun really remember what hair care it is -.-)

Me: Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??? weyyyy!! -_________________-

Zhi Hui: Do you have hair problem? We are from Namsam Hair Care... (She repeated it dunno for how many time ==)

Me: What?! NOOOO! Hahahaha (Err... we repeated this a few times so I'll just skip this part)

Zhi Hui: Who are you again?

Me: ChiaLynn laa. Hahahaha Don't joke around laaa. *LOL

Zhi Hui: Oh... sorry, we got the wrong number *play DBSK's Wrong Number "You got the wrong number, you got the wrong number, I’m sorry, you got the wrong number so don't call me no more..."


Zhi Hui: Annyong~

Me: Bye bye. Annyong!

Is this Kpop style prank calls?
3 songs. SHINee's Hello, 2NE1's Cant Nobody and DBSK's Wrong Number! LOLL
Do you guys know that South Korea and North Korea are at war? Pray for our idols in Korea are safe and sound. =)

♥ Lynn

Saturday, November 20, 2010

IRIS: THE MOVIE, The Fugitive : Plan B, 101120 Music Core.

The movie version of Korean blockbuster TV series "IRIS" will be released next week. (It was previously screened at the HongKong International Festival and Cannes Film Festival last June.)
A press release from the show's producer Taewon Entertainment announced Friday that "IRIS: THE MOVIE" will be available for download through contents distribution company cine21i on November 22.
"IRIS: THE MOVIE," reconstituted from the 20-part drama, will feature the truth about the death of character Hyun-jun (played by actor Lee Byung-hun) as well as new scenes.
Drama "IRIS," which aired in Korea on major broadcasting company KBS from October 2009 to December 2009, starred several of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim So-yeon and Big Bang member T.O.P.
The action-packed espionage series dominated the primetime lineup during its run, scoring viewership ratings of nearly 40 percent.
The movie will be available through IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), cable networks including PPV and 100 online websites next week.
The movie will be released in Japan with the title, "IRIS the LAST" next year January 8.
Credits: Dkpopnews
Can't wait~  My mum loves this drama too. =D 

The Fugitive : Plan B
Rain and Daniel Henney!! 
I didn't plan to watch this until Zhi Hui asked me to.
and wow, Daniel Henney is in it! Yay! I love him from Spring Waltz, a great drama too. 
This is an awesome drama with hot guys! ahaha!

101120 Music Core

Without Fany again

♥ Lynn

Friday, November 19, 2010

101119 Music Bank

This is the last time of Joong Ki and Hyo Rim MC-ing Music Bank T_T How sad... Gonna miss them, especially Joong Ki =(

Ki Kwangie~
B2ST/BEAST comeback stage, performed 3 songs! I think the camera man loves Ki Kwang, he is always shooting Ki Kwang in close up. YAY!! =DD Adorable performances today =D ♥ Dong Woon too, his smooching part. lol

Can faint at 0:32 =D

SNSD won again! Without Tiffany today due to leg injury.

♥ Lynn

Thursday, November 18, 2010

101118 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Watched Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in Gurney, the movie isnt that nice. The book is still the best! =D
After the movie, we had lunch in Nando's. Odd things happened, Lws and Lcc paid our bill for us. Seriously, it's a lot of $$. Trying to return them the money but they wont accept it, how stubborn. It's like owing them money now =(
Later then ,went to shop for clothes with MinYi, WingKeh and Phooi Fun.
Went for Starbucks again, with wk then met up with Eunice and YT. wk run off to meet with pehkhim, so there, just 3 of us, great... a pair of couple and me -.- Anyway I'm with them most of the time, chit chatting. They dont mind, how nice of them, instead they like me being around. Lol
Happy 5 months anniversary Kevin Lee and Pricillia Kuay!!
I created an equation: Kevin + Pricillia = KP = Keh Po couple :p
Well... Kevin and Pricillia is like the sweetest couple in the world, both of them are wearing pink today. I'm trying to pull Pricillia away from him but of course i dint manage to do that, anyway I'm just fooling around( Yea, I know I'm childish and annoying -.-)

Myself and Pricillia aka the prettiest -.-

 Sry, I'm just bored =/

Myself and wingKeh
Prcillia's cake! The thing that makes her fat! OMG~ haha
Eunice and YT

YT ordered this in a hilarious way, even the waiter is laughing, U have to  see her expression and action.
She was like "Sky juice.. *Pause. ONE!"
Kevin and Pricillia

Myself and YT

Eunice and YT
I'm here to introduce you... my partner -.-

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SNSD's 1200th day!

2010 November 17th is SNSD's 1200th day!

 Here are some pictures from their Tokyo photobook. =)


And now... YoonA!! =D

SM released Hoot MV dance version!

♥ Lynn