Thursday, November 18, 2010

101118 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Watched Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in Gurney, the movie isnt that nice. The book is still the best! =D
After the movie, we had lunch in Nando's. Odd things happened, Lws and Lcc paid our bill for us. Seriously, it's a lot of $$. Trying to return them the money but they wont accept it, how stubborn. It's like owing them money now =(
Later then ,went to shop for clothes with MinYi, WingKeh and Phooi Fun.
Went for Starbucks again, with wk then met up with Eunice and YT. wk run off to meet with pehkhim, so there, just 3 of us, great... a pair of couple and me -.- Anyway I'm with them most of the time, chit chatting. They dont mind, how nice of them, instead they like me being around. Lol
Happy 5 months anniversary Kevin Lee and Pricillia Kuay!!
I created an equation: Kevin + Pricillia = KP = Keh Po couple :p
Well... Kevin and Pricillia is like the sweetest couple in the world, both of them are wearing pink today. I'm trying to pull Pricillia away from him but of course i dint manage to do that, anyway I'm just fooling around( Yea, I know I'm childish and annoying -.-)

Myself and Pricillia aka the prettiest -.-

 Sry, I'm just bored =/

Myself and wingKeh
Prcillia's cake! The thing that makes her fat! OMG~ haha
Eunice and YT

YT ordered this in a hilarious way, even the waiter is laughing, U have to  see her expression and action.
She was like "Sky juice.. *Pause. ONE!"
Kevin and Pricillia

Myself and YT

Eunice and YT
I'm here to introduce you... my partner -.-

♥ Lynn

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