Friday, November 26, 2010

101126 Going Crazy With Ke Yin

I feel like going to her house so I asked her through fb and she says okay! Yay, so yeah... only took me 5 minutes to get to her house! haha
Her little twins cousins were there!  They are so cute xD Her little sis too, she remembered who I am and my name! awww.... I'm touched. Her not so little cousin was there too, Yoke Jye! =D
And I'm officially addicted to video recording!! Crazayyy videos!! Woo~ Gonna upload one of the video tomorrow. Peace out!
 Sexayyy KeYin =D

 I'm chicken dancing on the bed -.-
 Myself and KeYin
Prettayyy KeYin
KeYin bought this for me from BeiJing

♥ Lynn

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