Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Updates In A Post

November 2
It is colder day by day in school! @_@ Don't feel like going to school tomorrow. Continue with our 'batik' during art lesson today, some of us chit chat through the lesson. For my group, only Inn Joe and Jo drew the batik, I'm just waiting for the colouring. =)
Our bm teacher, Pn Tan bought pandan cakes for us. Even though pandan cake is not much but thanks teacher, that is very nice of you. =) Then another lecture again.. I'm being very good this time, I listened and participated in it actively. Ermm... maybe overactive until it turn into noise =p Students from USM gave us the lecture on making choice after pmr and after graduation, moral values and so on. Lol
If I'm not going to school tomorrow, I will have 5days holiday continuously since there its holiday on thursday and friday. =D
Watched latest episode of Gossip Girl! Aww... I love the ending! Chuck and Blair moment ♥ Shhhh... no more spoiler.

November 1
I shouldn't go to school yeaterday. It was shivering cold! Rain rain rain. -__________- Everyday, we hope that the weather isnt that hot but now, seriously its freezing! Covered ourselves up with our bags. =/
Our math teacher keep on insisting she wants to continue teaching us form4's math even though we said noooo very clearly. We were tired and cold =(
Our math teacher is funny. how is that so? well... I noted down some. Lol. Hey, I'm bored okay.. cant blame me for being lame. At least I listened to her lesson. =)
1. Her eyes open wide and look at us then start asking "Can ar? Can ar? Can???
2. She says this a lot - Are they the sameeee?? *blink blink
3. Suddenly she says "INTERSECTION!" with a really large voice and a pair of really large eyes. totally frightening ._.
U wont think it is funny if you arent there but it made me laugh a lot. LOLL

Later, had a lecture on To Know Yourself or something like this. They used a really odd way- Finger Prints! Seriously? -.- They check what type of finger prints you got on both of ur thumbs and tell you about your character and what you should be in the future. I don't need them to tell me about ME and the job I should take in the future. However, all their prediction are wrong for me! They said I'm very good, kind, nice, generous, caring etc and I have strong curiosity, would like to try all kinds of field. Good, kind, nice, generous, caring?? Hahahah! Is not that I'm not that kind of person, is just that those words doesnt suit me much -.- Where is all those leadership or any strong characteristic? I wont let them and their finger prints thingy affect my life anyway =p

October 31
Its Halloween! Trick or treat?? =D
Went back to Kedah to visit my grandma. Woke up in the morning and continue to sleep in the car like I always do -.-zz The photos will tell you everything ;)
*The pictures are not arranged in order.

See my red devil? =D
Hahah! This game! Goshhh... read the title!

My sister's lil patrick on her bag
Its my sister

Penang Bridge! Lol always take photos of Penang Bridge when we drive through it.

 We brought a laptop along.
My sister!
Erm.. I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to post this picture ._.

On the top is SNSD's Hoot! =D
My sister's hand
and my sister's foot!

Ipod touch

October 30
Its my grandma from mother's side birthday! Went to visit her then head off to gurney with my sister. My sister's friend drop me off then they went for lunch at somewhere else and later back to gurney. I met my KuanTing aka my "Ai Lang"!! =D then later met up with my sifu, YunXuan. Saw Phooi Fun at the counter in Sakae Sushi -.- At first, I dint notice her, yx asked me isnt that ur friend and ohhh... it is. Today, she told me that she called my name for like 3 times that day, sorry, I'm obviously blind and deaf -__-
ohh... and thank you yx for the lunch. =)
A lot of people that day, a lot more than usual so its really noisyy and also met a few friends there.
We saw Charmaine Sheh at Gurney for SKINZ Infinite. I'm not her fan so there isnt much of excitement. It is like seeing a normal person on a stage, I dint even took a photo of her because she is not a kpop idol. Lol She really does have fair skin, admire that a lot -.- but her clothing that day was kinda lame. No offense, it's just that she can dress a lot better than that. =)
My sister suddenly called me and asked us to go to Roxy to pick a bag because Quiksilver and Roxy were having 50% discount storewide (Valid for Quiksilver/Roxy Preferred Cardmembers, CIMB Bank and Direct Access Cardmembers only) We need a bag that can suit both of us. There is a bag that looks really good on me but doesnt suit her =(
But still, we did buy another Roxy bag.

 The people who are waiting, waiting and waiting...

My sister was like a paparazzi that day -.- Why? This is why. Loll
What a coincident.
She took those photos with her phone, I dint even realise until she showed me these pictures -___-
Photos from different angle?? -.-
"My Sister The Paparazzi"
 Aww... my natural hair! ♥ 

 At the back?! I really dint notice you, sister! -.-

October 28
Its my dad's birthday! Its Bill Gates birthday too!!! =D hahaha Both of them are involved in IT. Lol
Unfortunately, my sister was really sick that day and I'm super tired so only my mum went out with my dad. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

♥ Lynn

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