Friday, November 12, 2010

The Gans' Tradition is Accidentally Followed By Us

Nokia C6
First of all, sister using the same phones are the gans' tradition, always the same even though they change to new ones ;)

How we started this tradition? Lol
My mum got a Nokia C6 from her staff party lucky draw! Apparently, none of us need a new phone, all of us prefer our own phone compare to this. So, our decision is to change my sister's E71 to E72 which is my current phone model. 
So, Goodbye C6 and E71! and Hello sister's new E72! This is how we end up using the same phone.

As you can see, I took care of my phone really well, can't even see the difference between old and new. =)
Mine is with the red devil casing by the way.

New header! With my face again!! ROLF!
Added 5 pictures to it so it wont be that large and frighten all of you :p haha

♥ Lynn