Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello readers! :)

First, here's the video I mentioned yesterday. f(x)'s NU ABO and a little surprise at the back :)
This video is uploaded through blogger so it isnt clear. View my video on fb for clearer resolution if u are my fb friend. :)
KeYin and I, best friend forever!! Even though I'm dark and she is fair. ahaha

Look at the free counter, reaches 101917! =) Just realised that
There should be more. ahaha because I added this gadget a few years later after I start blogging.
Thank you readers for viewing or reading my blog.
I love you guys :) Hugs and kisses!

Lastly... OMGAWDDD!! Tattoos! Faint ar faint ar. LOL
My uncle and aunt came back from KL yesterday to visit my aunt from London and of course everyone of us.
Their surprise are tattoos @_@ 
When my uncle showed it to me, he was like "ta-da!" and I was like "huhhhh... adui.... faint ar... OMG!!"
The seahorses on the leg are actually okay but my uncle's ._. hahaha

 The pictures are taken from my uncle's fb. Lmao!
My aunt's leg
My uncle's leg    
My uncle's hand @_@
Oh god...
but the picture turns out scarier.

Here's something to calm down
S.M THE BALLAD - Miss You (Full Audio)
Kyuhyun and JongHyun
Miss you, bogoshipo :) Guh gi uh di ya?

♥ Lynn

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