Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Day Of School

It's the last day of school!! and Happy Birthday Jocelyn!
Pictures!! =DD
Some of them got their math project and other projects to do. Most of us are just helping out.

Lian Chia Lynn is PRETTY!! Hahaha!!
I wrote this on the board. lalala~
Thx Jocelyn for the chocolates.

PeyShan, InnJoe

InnJoe and KuanTing told me they counted how many pots are there. Guess what? 98 pots! Idk it's right or wrong.
Jovy, Yee Shuang
Smashed Honeystar!

Honeystars that drop on the floor!
PehKhim, PhooiFun

PeyShan, CaiXian

Pricillia, drinking water! The one who considered herself the prettiest -.-

PeyShan is at the back.
She asked me to take this photo, keep on telling us that this is the nicest compare to others because she did this one. lol
Mei Mei, PohYin
KuanTing, Yee Shuang
My Shoe, Shuang's shoe

Jocelyn drew this flower!! Amazing!

Sleeping beauty!! Yep, that's me! haha
A teacher suddenly walked into class while I'm taking a nap, Jo wake me up then I turn to look at the teacher.
Her expression is priceless man! Shock and stunned describe her! LOL
Shuang's evil sister did this to her!
Showing off my fingers that I'm proud of? haha
Going back home soon~
I'm asking PeyShan maths question, I'm such a good girl =)
Myself again =D
 Finished watching Gossip Girl latest episode
Aww... poor Serena =( loses everything, including her family, friends and Columbia because of those 3 wacko, Juliet Sharp, lil J and Vanessa!
Chuck and Blair moments are sweet! Saying 'I love you' again to each other but they still cant be together for now.

♥ Lynn

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