Sunday, November 28, 2010

MBC Star Audition !

YES! The voting starts today =)
I'm not the one auditioning, I'm helping my friends here.
First, go to then go to Gallery.
Search the audition entry on the top. Here is how u search for my friends :)
Country - Other
Genre - Other
Tags - Audition
Sort - Date submitted
It's on the next page, the second video. 2 of them, a girl in pink and another girl in white, both with specs. Even though they aint perfect but they tried their best, clicking LIKE wouldn't hurt you right?
Check out their video and vote for them if you can, your vote is very much appreciated but I wont force you if you don't want to. =) Thanks!

and here is another audition entry I like u guys to check it out! He has the most viewed, that's why his audition entry is easily being searched. Just sort by views and his video will be the first video.
I voted for him too =) His other covers are amazing too. Most importantly, Miss A's Min tweeted his audition video on twitter! OH MY GAWDDD

♥ Lynn

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