Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prank Calls

I'm not the one sending, I'm the one receiving the prank calls from Zhi Hui and I think Li Chin was beside her, I heard her voice. -.-
I text her after that, she still replied me "molla molla" means dunno by the way. -.- so... it's definitely her. They made lots of prank calls to the others too but I'm the only one with songs. haha

Now, here's the story. My house phone rang, my sister and I really hate to answer house phone, so call our hand phones if possible. Anyway... my sister went to answer the phone then she told me "it's for you and dunno which friend so cute said Yoboseyo, are you ChiaLynn? then I answered no.. I'm ChiaYi"-.-
That time I was thinking it must be YeeShuang because she is the only one who tells me she wanted to say that when she calls me -.-
I can't remember the conversation 100% accurately but I'll just simply write it out.

Me: Yoboseyo! Who are you?

Unknown: *silence. Suddenly playing SHINee's Hello "Hello, Hello..." 2NE1's Can't nobody "Can't nobody hold us down...."

Me: *Listening to the songs and laughing

Unknown: Hello, do you have hair problem? *asking it seriously

Me: Huh?! *laughing and I already knew that was Zhi Hui, I recognised her voice.

Zhi Hui: Do you have hair problem? We are from Namsam Hair Care. (Dun really remember what hair care it is -.-)

Me: Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??? weyyyy!! -_________________-

Zhi Hui: Do you have hair problem? We are from Namsam Hair Care... (She repeated it dunno for how many time ==)

Me: What?! NOOOO! Hahahaha (Err... we repeated this a few times so I'll just skip this part)

Zhi Hui: Who are you again?

Me: ChiaLynn laa. Hahahaha Don't joke around laaa. *LOL

Zhi Hui: Oh... sorry, we got the wrong number *play DBSK's Wrong Number "You got the wrong number, you got the wrong number, I’m sorry, you got the wrong number so don't call me no more..."


Zhi Hui: Annyong~

Me: Bye bye. Annyong!

Is this Kpop style prank calls?
3 songs. SHINee's Hello, 2NE1's Cant Nobody and DBSK's Wrong Number! LOLL
Do you guys know that South Korea and North Korea are at war? Pray for our idols in Korea are safe and sound. =)

♥ Lynn

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