Monday, November 15, 2010

Recommended Slower Songs (Kpop & Jpop)

Hello readers! I would like to recommend these songs.
This is actually requested by my friends,Yee Shuang and Pey Shan so I'll post it here too =)
You Wouldn't Answer My Calls - 2AM
I Did Wrong - 2AM
Rainy Night - Xiah Junsu
It Has To Be You - YeSung
Wedding Dress, Look At Me, Take It Slow - TaeYang
Love's Way, Romantic - SHINee
COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ - JaeJoong & Yoochun
Only Love - SM Town
First Snow, You Are The One, Marry U - Super Junior
Love Sick, Only One Person, Thunder, Bad Woman, One Word, Until You Return, Raining, Heaven, Soyogi, Always Be Mine(Eng) - F.T Island (Too many d, go download all their Korean and Japanese Album, all their songs are nice)
Love Letter - F.T Triple
Star Star Star - SNSD
Love Light - C.N Blue
Don't Forget - Baek Ji Young
Broke Up Today - YounHa
If - TaeYeon
Can You Hear Me - TaeYeon
I'm Alone - Tiffany
Oppa Nappa - Jessica, Tiffany & Seohyun
I'm Stupid - SS501
Lucky - Ashily
Love Letter - BoA (All BoA's slow songs)
Calling Out - Krystal & Luna
Turn Around - Joo
Let Me Hear Your Voice - Big Bang
Oasis, V.I.U, Easy - BEAST
I'm Going Crazy - SE7EN
Unfinished Story, Let's Break Up, White Lie - Lee Seung Gi
Love In The Ice, Why Did I Fall In Love With You, Holding Back The Tears etc - DBSK/ TVXQ (All TVXQ's slow songs)
Forgotten Season - JaeJoong
Hope Is A Dream That Doesn't Sleep - KyuHyun
Living In The Heart - untouchable feat. Narsha
One Minute One Second - Epik High
*I will stop here, there's too many songs already ;)

♥ Lynn

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