Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things Going On In School Recently

School is boreddddddddd. Everyday lecture lecture lecture. -.-
Today is a bit different even though there is a super boring lecture today.
My class got McD for free!! 5S1 and 5S2 too if I'm not mistaken.
School treat us McD for... to tell you the truth, I dun know why we got McD .___.
Well... from what I heard, it is because we are the top three class that gave out the highest donation. I'm not really sure, idk but who cares when you got McD for free? =D Lol

Andddd we received our school magazine today! Teehee
Not gonna post pictures of me, those pictures are sort of... weird -.-
but here is some other pictures from our school mag to share =)

! Goshhh I dint even know until my friends told me.
PeyShan's bird
Carin's lamp and mine with the insects on a sunset background
XinYi's with the insects at night

Then, we start flipping through the advert...
 Yen Ni!

 Ohohohoho! We found this!
I think this is specially made for u, pey shan! =D

♥ Lynn

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