Wednesday, December 15, 2010

101214 KeYin & I

Gurney. 2 of us. Too bad Minyi isn't free and she's going hong kong soon :(
Watched Narnia, it isn't that bad.
Met YT, Eunice, Pricillia, Kevin, Carin, Kuang Ling etc ;)
Bought clothes again today! Wee~

._. dumb dumb
our rings!

I taught her that. I learned that from Tricia Gosingtian. Hearts.

Retard! Lol
Myself and KeYin


Preparing for our video recording. 
Cant upload to blogger. The file is too big, took a long time and I cant convert it to a smaller file like I used to because it's a AVCHD file. Ishh..
We are dollies


Happy Birthday Lee Jin Ki! Onew oppa, saeng il chukahamnida! The cute leader of SHINee who is a CHICKEN OBSESSION!

S.M. THE BALLAD- Hot Times MV is OUT yo!

♥ Lynn

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