Tuesday, December 21, 2010

101220 WanYan's early birthday celebration

Happy birthday Yan Er. WanYan's birthday is actually on the 25th of Dec. Yep, it's Christmas.
We bought a Roxy bag for her. I think I'm officially broke. Lol
Probably not going to celebrate my birthday with them next year. Jan 2nd, I don't think I have the mood to celebrate, we're going back to school for heaven sake! @_@ *faint

Lazy for the words, pictures will do. Hee.
Birthday girl
 Mine is black and KeYin's white.
we have the same camera!

 My sexy back?

In the car.

Myself and KeYin
Me, KeYin, Kim

Kim's hand


Kim's evil sister

The guy on the left is skateboarding


Pics from Kim and PhooiFun

 Ha! my leg

♥ Lynn

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